OIT Staff Selected to Participate in Focus Group for the UTSA HR Pilot Training Course

{August} {18}, {2017}


Written by: Nicole Duff, Communications Specialist


Administrative Services Officer II Lorelei Fogel Hammargren, IT Infrastructure Project Manager Johnny Melendez and OIT Manager David Miller from the UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) were amongst a small cohort of UTSA staff selected to evaluate a course offered by the UTSA Human Resources (HR) department. The pilot course entitled “Enhanced Focus to Increase Productivity,” was held on July 19th in the North Paseo Building (NPB) 1.408.

The 2-hour long self-development pilot course focused on mindfulness, which is defined as the state of being aware of something. During the session, participants learned how to develop mindfulness skills to help them be more effective, adaptable and flexible.

In addition, participants gained valuable insights about employing mindfulness techniques to help with productivity and stress reduction.

The OIT trio, along with the other participants, was able to provide the HR training team with feedback regarding the course design. This feedback was utilized to further enhance the course, which was officially rolled out to UTSA staff on August 3.  

“I was honored to have been selected to participate in this pilot,” said Fogel Hammargren. “This course was well designed and the techniques were useful both personally and professionally.  I have a new appreciation for the work of the UTSA HR Training Team, especially Wanda Boller and Judy Vernon who were the creators of this course.”

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