UTSA’s Office of Learning Technology Hosts iClicker Workshop

August 28, 2017

Robert Granado Jr. hosting the iClicker Workshop

(Robert Granado Jr. hosting the iClicker Workshop.)

 Written by: Danicia Steele, Communication Specialist


Beginning fall 2017, iClicker will become UTSA’s official Student Response System. This change was based on an evaluation of the university’s need to standardize on a single Student Response System. During the process, the Office of Information of Technology (OIT) formed the UTSA Student Response System Standardization committee, which included both UTSA faculty and OIT staff.

In support of the new adoption, UTSA’s Office of Learning Technology provided training throughout August 2017. The training was open to all UTSA faculty and was offered at both the main and downtown campuses in the morning and afternoon. Assistant Director of Learning Technologies Robert Granado Jr. hosted each training session.

During the training, faculty were given an overview of the iClicker Cloud platform as they were informed that the cloud would allow them to access their information from any location. They were also walked through the different products that support the cloud including the iClicker + remote, the iClicker 2 remote, and the iClicker Reef mobile app. Attendees were given the benefits of all products to help them determine which could better fit the needs of their students and support their class.


UTSA faculty getting an overview of the iClicker Reef.

(UTSA faculty getting an overview of the iClicker Reef.)


Granado guided faculty through registering and using the iClicker from a student perspective. Faculty were given a chance to participate in classroom engaging activities using both the remote and Reef. The activities included multiple choice, short answers, target selection, and numeric answers. After viewing the Student Response system from the student perspective, faculty were provided with a better understanding of how the iClicker platform works and the different engaging activities.

Towards the end of the training, faculty were given a walkthrough of setting up their instructor iClicker Cloud account. During the walkthrough, they were able to register their courses and integrate them onto Blackboard Learn for students to access. Granado also informed the class how to set up their activities, track attendance, and synchronize their grades directly to Blackboard.


UTSA faculty at the iClicker Workshop training.

(UTSA faculty at the iClicker Workshop training.)


At the end of the course, faculty were informed that iClicker base stations have now been placed in all provost owned general purpose classrooms with updated frequencies, making it easier for faculty to access their instructor iClicker Cloud account and track accurate attendance. All attendees were given a complimentary instructor iClicker remote for attending the training and registering their courses in the iClicker Cloud. The Office of Learning Technologies will be offering additional training throughout the fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters.

The next workshops in the OIT Learning Studio are on August 29-31.  Morning sessions and afternoon session are available. In addition, there will be an expert representative from iClicker on hand to assist with questions or concerns. 

To register for the upcoming training courses, visit the UTSA Human Resources Training & Development website. 

For more information on iClicker please click here