Don't Get Hooked! Work with UTSA's Office of Information Security to Protect the University

August 28, 2017

OIT educating incoming freshmen at the Orientation Resource Fair.

 (OIT educating incoming freshmen at the Orientation Resource Fair.)


Written by: Danicia Steele, Communications Specialist


The UTSA Office of Information Technology’s (OIT’s) Office of Information Security (OIS) team works daily to increase the awareness of cyber threats and educate UTSA faculty, staff, and students on cyber security practices. Due to the rise in phishing, OIS has collaborated with OIT’s Customer Relations, Communication and Training (CRCT) to provide the anti-phishing campaign, “Don’t Get Hooked”.


A student at the Orientation Resource Fair

(A student at the Orientation Resource Fair.)


Phishing emails appear to come from legitimate sources and usually direct users to a spoofed web site. This site will ask for personal information, like usernames, passwords, or financial information. Phishing emails appear convincing by telling you the site detected fraudulent activity on your account. The email usually includes a statement indicating urgency (e.g. your account will be locked at the close of business today). 

Once you enter your information, on the spoofed website, you will usually be referred to the valid site after being told, “You entered the incorrect user name” or a message along those lines. Some of the forged web sites have the logic to capture your data, forward your entered data to the valid site, and log you in. In either case, your information will be compromised.

During summer 2017, OIT has been educating the UTSA community and incoming freshmen to help increase their awareness of cyber threats like phishing. Each week OIT staff have been participating in the Orientation Resource Fair to promote OIT services and cyber security awareness. Once students have participated in the weekly educational anti-fishing activity, to learn the proper steps so they “Don’t Get Hooked,” they are given an OIT phishing t-shirt to help promote cyber security awareness.


Students participating in the “Don’t Get Hooked” selfie contest

(Students participating in the “Don’t Get Hooked” selfie contest.)


OIT has also been actively engaging and promoting security tips on social media. Each week followers are introduced to a new security tip or given a poll to test their knowledge on cyber security. Many incoming freshmen have also participated in the “Don’t Get Hooked Summer Selfie Contest” where users take a selfie supporting the “Don’t Get Hooked” campaign. At the end of the summer a winner will be selected randomly for a prize.   

Information security is everyone's responsibility and with our experienced OIS team, increased awareness, and the ability to “Do Your Part,” UTSA can succeed and win the battle against cyber threats. Make sure you are aware of cyber threats including phishing, which continues to be a threat on campus. There are hazards you can avoid by “Doing Your Part” with a little cyber hygiene. Cyber hygiene is a collection of steps that the University can take to improve our cyber security and be better protected online. These steps require users to:

  1. Create a strong passphrase!
- DO_Your_Part4CyberSercurity
- BeAware&St8ySafe
  1. Use backup services for all your files.
  2. Not click on links in emails from people you do not know.
  3. Make good choices on how to transmit and process data!