UTSA Students Share Feedback on Campus Technology at the Fall 2017 OIT Student Innovation Coalition

September 29, 2017

PIC Student attendee asks a question at the Student Innovation Coalition

(Student attendee asks a question at the Student Innovation Coalition)

Written By: Rosalind Ong, Project Coordinator

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Customer Relations, Communications & Training (CRCT) team hosted the fall 2017 OIT Student Innovation Coalition on Tuesday, September 26 from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. More than 70 students, faculty, & staff attended this year’s event. They were treated to lunch while hearing presentations on campus technology from various areas of OIT as well as Student Affairs. The event was facilitated by Project Coordinator Rosalind Ong and Communications Specialist Danicia Steele.


(Kevin Kjosa presents information on cybersecurity and phishing at the event.)

Ong opened the event with an introduction followed by an overview of the 2018 OIT Spring Tech Conference, encouraging attendees to save the date for the upcoming event.

2018 OIT Spring Tech Conference – Save the date! March 20, 2018!

  • The OIT Spring Tech Conference is a full day conference with presentations, a vendor fair, and keynote lunch. The event is open to all UTSA students, faculty, and staff at no cost. In addition to learning about OIT services available at UTSA, participants will also learn about technology updates from vendors like Microsoft and Apple.

Jan McKinney, director of communications & administration for Student Affairs presented on the recently launched student success UTSA Guide App.

  • The UTSA Guide App compiles a lot of information in one place and visually presents it to students in the form of a timeline path or by topical checklist – with the goal of helping students be successful over their four-year journey in higher education.

Greg Oliver, application development & support (ADS) manager demoed recent changes to the UTSA Mobile App, including an updated menu screen.

  • The UTSA Mobile App allows users to set reminders for university events, check account balances, view class schedules and assignments, view campus maps, and much more. OIT continually reviews the mobile app and adds new features.

Kevin Kjosa, information security operations officer discussed cybersecurity threats, including phishing.

  • Phishing awareness and education at UTSA is important to promote, as it is everyone’s responsibility! Phishing emails appear to come from legitimate sources and usually direct users to a spoofed web site that seek to obtain personal information, like usernames, passwords, or financial information.

Steele led participants during the open forum segment of the program and reviewed several student resources including Office Professional Plus, OneDrive for Business, iClicker, and StudentConnect. The exchange prompted further conversations and presentations from OIT staff members.

Students had great feedback for the mobile apps and other OIT services. They also brought up important questions on other student services including Wi-Fi, cybersecurity, antivirus software, and Office 365 products. Several OIT leadership and staff members were on hand to answer students’ questions and provide insight on the department’s direction.

Ben Garcia responds to students inquires during the event open forum.

(Ben Garcia responds to students inquires during the event open forum.)

The Student Innovation Coalition is a great opportunity for students to learn about services available to them through OIT, and for OIT leadership to garner student feedback to improve the campus technology.

The Student Innovation Coalition is held annually in the fall and as part of the OIT Spring Tech Conference annually to outreach to students.


Student comments from the 2017 Student Innovation Coalition

“Great food, great conversations about important technological advancements at UTSA.  All the speakers were very knowledgeable.”

Student attendee - Anonymous

“I wasn't aware of the upgraded UTSA Mobile App before the conference- I downloaded the app two years ago, but deleted it because I didn't find myself needing it.  I will definitely use it now that is has high functionality.”

Student attendee - Anonymous



Save the date for the 2018 OIT Spring Tech Conference: March 20, 2018!

For information on the UTSA Guide App, visit: www.utsa.edu/guide

For information on the UTSA Mobile App, visit: www.utsa.edu/mobileapp

For information on cybersecurity and phishing, visit: www.utsa.edu/security