Department Spotlight: OIT Customer Service and Operations Support

October 24, 2017

In this edition of the Department Spotlight, we will highlight the Customer Service and Operations Support team, and how it helps UTSA students, faculty and staff succeed.

(Some of the student-workers from the OITConnect team attending to customers.)

Written by: Nicole Duff, Communications Specialist

As the frontline of customer support for UTSA, the Office of Information Technology’s (OIT) Customer Service and Operations Support area works diligently to ensure the smooth running of the technology used by the UTSA community. Comprised of three distinct teams: OITConnect, Academic Support and StudentConnect, the Customer Service and Operations team holds a common goal of providing customer-centric IT support to the UTSA community.

The first of these teams functions as the branded service known as OITConnect. OITConnect serves as the general technical support for all UTSA faculty, staff and students on all campuses.  On any given day, OITConnect technicians work remotely and in the field to resolve technical issues by fixing system outages, troubleshooting devices, imaging and reimaging computers, facilitating passphrase resets, and fulfilling IT access requests, among other tasks.

Customers are offered multiple customer support channels through which they can request and receive assistance, such as:

  • Email
  • Phone support through its IT call center
  • A self-service portal
  • A walk-up Help Desk in the Bosque Building (2nd floor)
  • Live chat on the OIT website.  

(A visual representation of the Customer Service and Operations Support teams.)

OIT also provides dedicated IT support to the College of Science (COS) and the College of Liberal and Fine Arts (COLFA) through its Academic Support team. This team regularly collaborates with its designated colleges to fulfill service requests and partner with their Information Technology Associates (ITAs).

The OIT Academic Support team works with each college to facilitate improved InSight indicator scores and to provide consultation services. This team serves as a customer liaison for the fulfillment of college IT requests and has a long-term goal of eventually expanding its service to all colleges.

In addition, OIT introduced a new customer support channel to serve the UTSA students last year – StudentConnect. StudentConnect offers onsite technical support for students’ personal devices via its student-dedicated help desk and through a more contemporary means -- social media.  

“In everything we do, our goal is to first think about our customers and their needs,” said Ben Garcia, director of Customer Service and Operations Support. “This fosters the need for greater collaboration when we speak to customers to truly understand the customer experience.”

Its commitment to providing top-tier customer support to UTSA has resulted in the team achieving a 93% customer satisfaction rate in 2016. According to Garcia, the customer support rating is trending right below 97% customer satisfaction for 2017 based on surveys customers respond to following the resolution or completion of a ticket.

To further provide continued top-tier customer support to the UTSA community, OIT is currently streamlining its OITConnect Self-Service Portal to ensure that it is more user-friendly and guides users immediately to the request form they need. Additionally, OIT plans to enhance its OITConnect knowledge base to enable customers to receive answers to common technical questions right at their fingertips prior to interacting with a technician.

“From a customer service standpoint, I am very proud of the teams,” said Garcia. “Their efforts to achieve these marks is just a testament to the continuous work that they do for continuous improvement.”



Faculty and Staff: To submit a ticket to OITConnect, please click here.

Students: Visit StudentConnect's webpage or visit them:

Main Campus:

- Business Building Computer Lab (BB 2.01.20)
- John Peace Library (JPL) 2nd floor Information Commons

Downtown Campus:

- Buena Vista lab on the Downtown Campus (BV 2.314)

Connect with the UTSA Office of Information Technology StudentConnect team on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.