October OIT Customer Kudos

{October} {24}, {2017}

Customer Kudos for: Manager of Learning Technologies Dustin Barrows


Last week ADTS held its first Shared Experiences Forum for the academic year, “Technology to Enhance Learning Experiences”.  We took advantage of the opportunity to promote the expertise and helpfulness of the OIT team.  Dustin Barrows generously joined the audience to answer any questions during Q&A.

ADTS Forum / Specific OIT references at 4:54 – 5:10 and 36:20 – 37:57.

Again, our “thanks” to you and your team for your continuing support both with technology and marketing.

Dr. Thomas F. Cannon


College of Business


Customer Kudos for: Mercedes Elias, Wendy Kim and Edgar Madrigal from the Application Development and Support Team

Three specific members of the Application Development and Support team have really done an excellent job helping with a variety of challenging requests from the Office of Institutional Research the last couple of months. Mercedes Elias, Wendy Kim and Edgar Madrigal have done an excellent job keeping tasks moving and working diligently to complete assigned tasks while also communicating well throughout the process. I really appreciate their work getting things done in a timely manner.  Each of these programmers also has excellent customer service skills and responds in a timely manner. Keep up the great work!

Brian Cordeau

Director of Reporting

Office of Institutional Research

Customer Kudos for: Enterprise Systems Programmer Andrea Whitlock

Thank you Andrea.  You did a great job!  As always.

Joleen Reynolds

Director of Testing

UTSA Testing Center