December OIT Customer Kudos

December 05, 2017

Customer Kudos for: Technology Support Specialist II Paul Sparger

At this time of year I am reminded of the things I am grateful for. I want to let you know that Paul has been the most reliable and beneficial guru of computers, wifi and printers since I have arrived at UTSA.  This week I had two glitches that he just walked me through and were resolved immediately.  I have an Apple and sometimes it gets funny.  I have major projects due and a grant and I couldn’t not have done it without his assistance.  If he were in the IED, as a values based leadership area, I would have nominated him for the top award in Excellence and Service.  

Thanks for allowing Paul to support us.  He is the best of UTSA.


Lisha A. Garcia

Senior Certified Business Advisor IV


Customer Kudos for Several OIT Staff Members:


This semester, the 35 students in my Destination Marketing course, participated in an experimental project with the San Antonio Zoo.  I required each to conduct on-site observational research and to create a 30 second video storyboard for possible use in the Zoo’s social media.  Your OIT team helped make this outreach/engagement project a success.


Brent League: 

A year ago, during an OIT Faculty Advisory Committee meeting, Brent encouraged faculty to consider the VizLab as a possible resource.  At my request, he arranged a tour for me of the facility.  At the time, I couldn’t think of a class project.  However, months later I decide that the VizLab would be the final venue for the presentation of research and video to our “client” the San Antonio Zoo (Zoo). 


Though the VizLab’s ultimate capabilities were not tapped by the project, students were exposed to the facility and of course, I will tout its availability to other faculty.


Early in the semester, Brent allowed my class to meet in the VizLab to discuss the project, Ernest Hernandez to share about storyboard, and to learn about the VizLab’s capabilities.  He also scheduled time for a final presentation rehearsal in the VizLab and he was present for the December 5 presentation to our client, Brian Carter, Vice President of Marketing for the Zoo.  And, even took some photos. (See attached) Brent was extremely supportive of this outreach project at each step. 


  • Jeremy Mann: He was present during the rehearsal, offered detailed advice on how to stage the presentation from podium placement, creating HD slides and slide to video sequencing.  He was very supportive and willing to provide me with anything necessary to make the presentation a success.


Ernest Hernandez:

During late summer, prior to finalizing the semester project, I consulted with Ernest about the idea of his team actually shooting “B-Roll” at the Zoo based in part on the students’ storyboards.  He not only supported the idea but offered suggestions to enhance it.  He met with my students early in the semester, in the VizLab, to explain how best to write a video storyboard and shared video examples; met with the Zoo’s team, conducted a pre-shoot site visit and then was present during the shoot.  He also made a presentation of the final video clips to both the client and students during the December 5 meeting. (See attached photo)


  • Stephen Matthews:  He conducted a site visit to the Zoo, shot the “B-Roll” and even volunteered his twin daughters as talent in a couple of the video clips.


Danicia Steele:

She met with Ernest and me to learn more about the class project so she could write an article about this joint effort for an internal OIT online publication.


Yuri Martinez-Ramos:

He attended the December 5 presentation and photo documented the event then provided links to me for sharing the photos with others.


Bryan, as a faculty member, I sincerely appreciate the attitude and responsiveness of each of your OIT team members.  Each is always supportive of my ideas and recommends how best to accomplish them.  This is not a “one-off”.  Rather, this is a norm that I have experienced with all your OIT team members.  Each personifies the OIT branding tagline: “collaborate, innovate and succeed”!


Thomas Cannon

Professor in Practice

College of Business Marketing