UTSA Participates in Exton’s Technical Advisory Council Committee

December 19, 2017

Casey Cisco in Exton Tech Council

(middle row, second from right) Casey Sisco at Extron’s Technical Advisor Council.)


By Danicia Steele, Communication Specialist

Manager of Audio - Visual (AV) Network Engineering Service Casey Sisco from the UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) recently represented UTSA at Extron’s Technical Advisor Council (TAC).  The council took place in Anaheim, California at the Extron Electronics headquarters and presents an opportunity for AV leaders to influence the development of Extron’s products through collaboration, expertise, and opinions.

TAC is a research-gathering where Extron’s Product Development Engineers meet with different segments of their customers to gather insight on the demand for future Extron products needed to solve technology problems campus. Extron hosts 12 total meeting globally and this year the company picked ten university technology leaders to participate on the advisory council from various institutions including UTSA, Boston College, University of Alaska Anchorage, Catholic University and Georgia Tech. 

 “The Extron TAC allows us to get UTSA’s experience in Extron’s new design process,” said Sisco. “After attending, I can start adjusting our systems based on information I received regarding future Campus audio-video technologies.”

This year Sisco participated in an open conversation about USB-C (thunderbolt) and how audio-visual technology is currently incapable of using them. The discussion focused on recommendations Extron could consider when developing a standard for USB-C and how the participants saw it beneficial for their university.

 “You get that peer support without having to go to a conference,” said Sisco. “You build those relationships and with other institutions and have others to fall back on when in need.”