Multiple OIT Staff Members Collaborate with the UTSA College of Business and the San Antonio Zoo

December 20, 2017

Brian Carter and Thomas Cannon Presenting

((From left to right) Brian Carter and Thomas Cannon presenting at the UTSA VizLab.)

By: Danicia Steele, Communications Specialist

During fall 2017, the UTSA Office of Information Technology's (OIT's) Video Production Group (VPG) and Research Computing Support Group (RCSG) collaborated with Professor in Practice, in the College of Business (COB) Thomas Cannon J.D.  Dr. Cannon is currently teaching Destination Marketing, one of the UTSA COB Marketing Sports, Event, and Tourism Management courses (SET). The purpose of this course is to show students how they can develop a successful marketing plan and promote a destination or attraction (i.e., Country, State, and City), in this case, the COB worked with the San Antonio Zoo.

Throughout the course, 35 students performed observational research, where they traveled through the San Antonio Zoo and observed points of contact, reactions, restrooms, gift shops and much more. The students were then asked to create a 30-second video storyboard that is engaging and persuades their viewers to visit the destination.

 Ernest Hernandez III presenting

(Ernest Hernandez III giving an overview of the video production done at the Zoo on the Vizwall.)

Director of Video Technology Ernest Hernandez III provided the class with an overview of the video production process. Hernandez also educated the students on how to create a successful storyboard and shared video examples.

The students created a storyboard that included scenery at the zoo, video angles needed, scripting, and music and time details. Once completed, all storyboards were presented to the San Antonio Zoo’s Vice President of Marketing Brian M. Carter who selected the top videos for VPG to produce at the Zoo on November 30th using new and emerging technology.

The Storyboards the students created were very impressive,” said Hernandez.  “I underestimated their creativity and talent and was pleasantly challenged with the ideas presented.”

 “Outreach to the community for a non-profit organization is a great way to end the semester,” said Cannon. “It incorporates experimental learning for the students, the venue is fantastic, and the video production group literally provided free videos to the zoo.”

 Students awarded for best video

(Students awarded for the best videos.)

On December 5, the class, VPG, and the Zoo’s marketing team met with the Director of Research Computing Support Brent League in the UTSA VizLab to present the final video clips. League also provided guidance and created HD slides for the presentation. At the end of the event, four students were awarded for their videos, and all 35 students are now certified as observation researchers which they can add to their resume.

“This joint collaboration between the COB, the Office of Information Technology, and the San Antonio Zoo is a prime example of how UTSA is engaged in the community and able to provide innovative solutions,” said League. “It is also a perfect example of how the Office of Information Technology collaborates with other colleges and departments on campus to help them succeed with their primary mission, whether it be academics or research.”

Collaborate – Innovate – Succeed