OIT Collaborates with NISD Elementary School to Support One of UTSA’s Proposed Strategic Themes

February 28, 2018

A group of students and presenters standing outside the school with a large career day sign

(Dr. Kenon (far right) along with students, staff and other presenters at Career Day.)


Written by: Nicole Duff, Communications Specialist


Assistant Vice Provost for IT Vanessa Hammler Kenon, Ed.D., was recently invited to serve as one of the presenters for Career Day at Steubing Elementary School. The event was held on February 16 for second graders of the institution.

In honor of Career Day, Dr. Kenon, along with the other presenters, each met with four groups of students at various intervals. During her presentation, she shared her experience working in the technology field and offered students a glimpse into what her current position at UTSA entails. In addition, she discussed other careers in the technology and technical fields in order to provide students an idea of some of the potential careers that they could consider exploring in the future.


Dr. Vanessa Kenon speaking to a room of students sitting around a table.

(A captive audience of second graders listen attentively to Dr. Kenon’s Career Day presentation.)


Dr. Kenon’s presentation also delved into the evolution of technology over time, enabling students to see first-hand the difference between analog and digital technology. To enable her audience to further grasp and visualize this evolution, Dr. Kenon utilized relevant props during her interactive presentation. Some of the props included first-generation and modern cell phones, a virtual reality headset, wired and wireless headphones, and interactive toys.

A table with old and new technology such as and old Teddy Ruxpin, a corded phone, wireless and wired headsetm and more.

(The props Dr. Kenon used during her presentation to second graders.)


By fostering a partnership between the UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) and a local school district, this opportunity reflects OIT’s support for the Student Success Initiative as part of Theme 1 of the UTSA Proposed Strategic Themes. In order to further expand this partnership, students of Steubing Elementary School who are currently enrolled in a course called Technology through Time, offered via the school’s Gifted and Talented Program, will tour the UTSA Visualization Lab (VizLab) in the upcoming weeks.


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