Impact of the 2018 Top 10 IT Issues on Higher Education Leaders Discussion Includes OIT Leader

July 27, 2018

Vanessa Hammler Kenon, Ed.D., presents during the EDUCAUSE webinar.

(Vanessa Hammler Kenon, Ed.D., presents during the EDUCAUSE webinar.)


Written by: Rose Ong, OIT Project Coordinator


In January of 2018 EDUCAUSE released the 2018 Top 10 Issues. This highly anticipated annual report uncovers the areas imperative to consider for IT organization strategic planning. The Office of Information Technology Assistant Vice Provost Vanessa Hammler Kenon, Ed.D., was invited to serve as a speaker along with University of Arkansas CIO Chris McCoy, and EDUCAUSE Vice President for Communities and Research Susan Grajek, Ph.D., during the “2018 Top 10 IT Issues and Role of the CIO” webinar. Held on July 24, 2018, the webinar further explored the topics of the report as they can relate to corporate partners.

During the webinar Dr. Kenon was recognized as a program chair for the 2018 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference scheduled to take place in late October in Denver, CO and also a member of the 2018 Top 10 IT Issues committee that produced this year’s list.

For 2018 the top areas of focus were: institutional adaptiveness, IT adaptiveness, improved student outcomes, and improved decision-making.

Key outcomes for the session were to (According to the EDUCAUSE session description):

  • Create awareness for how the top IT issues impact the role of technical leaders in higher education
  • Gain clarity in how technology leaders partner with other campus leaders to leverage technology to solve critical institutional challenges
  • Understand the complexity of campus stakeholders and their influence in how decisions are made to prioritize taking action on top IT issues

The webinar is the first in the EDUCAUSE Corporate Learning series and provided a platform for the presenters to share “how they support institutional priorities, how campus priorities influence IT organizations, and how these challenges inform the top IT issues.”

Dr. Kenon shared the importance of strategic planning and collaboration with partners across the institution and highlighted the fact that students are being invited to be a part of more committees at OIT stating that, “students are our number one customers” and to make impactful change we need to “talk and listen to them.”


(Screenshot from the EDUCAUSE webinar.)

Click here for the EDUCAUSE 2018 Top 10 IT Issues full report.

Click here to access the EDUCAUSE event page with the webinar slides, recording (must have EDUCAUSE membership), and more information on the second webinar in the EDUCAUSE Corporate Learning series.