PrintSpot MobilePrint

Using PrintSpot via a mobile device:

If you are a current UTSA student, you already have a PrintSpot account. PrintSpot MobilePrint is a solution that allows you to print from almost any e-mail capable device by simply sending an e-mail to our PrintSpot printing service. No print drivers are needed. This could be your smart phone, tablet, laptop, home computer or even a computer in a public library or Internet cafe.

How to setup:

MobilePrint works by letting you link your personal and UTSA e-mail addresses to your PrintSpot account. Your UTSA Preferred E-mail (setup through your ASAP account) is already pre-configured for mobile printing. You can add and remove additional addresses by logging into your PrintSpot Account.

Sending a document or image to print:

Now that you are linked to MobilePrint - printing is a breeze. Any e-mail you send to from one of your linked addresses will automatically be processed as a print job and will wait in the system queue, for up to 24 hours, ready to be released on campus at any of the 51 PrintSpot printers. This allows you to send documents and pictures to print using any e-mail capable device from anywhere you have Internet access. The body of the e-mail message will appear as one print job, and any attachments will appear as additional print jobs.

Printing your documents:

Walk up to any PrintSpot printer, swipe your ID card or login with your myUTSA ID and passphrase, and release your documents. Since the e-mail message and all attachments are separate items, you can choose to print just what you need, and will only be charged for documents you actually print.

Your account:

You can manage your PrintSpot MobilePrint account online. With this site, you can add and remove linked e-mail addresses, preview and delete e-mailed print jobs, and view your account balance. Navigate to and login with your myUTSA ID and Passphrase.



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