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The College of Liberal and Fine Arts


The largest college at UTSA, COLFA is composed of 11 departments offering 20 undergraduate and 13 graduate degrees in the arts, humanities and social sciences

The fastest-growing liberal arts college in the state, COLFA has had a 43 percent increase in majors over the past five years

COLFA is a major provider of arts and humanities programming in South Texas, with an audience of over 70,000 annually

UTSA ranks second in the UT System in external research funding in the COLFA areas of arts, humanities and social sciences with $3,541,473 expenditures in FY 2009

COLFA has an annual budget of $17,659,133 augmented by $3.5 million in competitively awarded funding

COLFA enrollment in fall 2009 totaled 6,663 with the largest enrollments in psychology and communication

COLFA has 176 tenure-track faculty and 226 nontenure-track faculty; 53 percent of all faculty have doctoral degrees; there are three endowed chairs and two endowed professorships, one Fulbright Fellowship and four other fellowships

COLFA has 58 endowed scholarships, fellowships and awards

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