Defining Mediation

This program is presented in workshop format as a 40-hour program over five weeks. Learning derives from lectures, group discussions, hands-on activities, and mock mediation exercises. The course culminates with the presentation of a “Certificate of Mediation” issued by UTSA in recognition of successful course completion.

This course will cover the basic principles and concepts of Mediation:

  • Defining mediation
  • Federal and state recognition of mediation
  • History of mediation
  • Understanding the role of a mediator
  • Understanding the dynamics of conflict
  • Differing definitions of neutrality
  • Understanding confidentiality
  • Communication skills in mediation
  • Ethics required of mediators

Mediation promotes personal empowerment and prepares people in conflict with opportunities to resolve their conflict.

Intra- and Inter-Personal Skills and Development Training:

  • Conflict Management
  • Neurology and Conflict
  • Dynamics of Conflict
  • Effective Conflict Communications
  • Building Trust
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Understanding Working Styles
  • Understanding Conflict Management Styles
  • Interest-Based Problem-Solving
  • Mediation Methodologies and Skill Sets

This course is designed for and benefits everyone interested in reducing personal and/or group stress, resolving conflict, and constructively engaging others in dealing with, rather than avoiding or escalating conflict.

Virtually anyone can benefit from learning conflict-prepared skills in an ever-increasing conflict-prone world; however, Mediator training would especially advantage those serving in professional career paths such as:

  • Legal Profession
  • Education
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Union Leaders
  • Organizational Management
  • Business Leaders
Mediator Certificate Training

Emerging Career:


The career outlook for mediators is strong, especially in the state of Texas. Texas ranks first in the nation for total number of mediators employed. Nationally, mediator positions are expected to grow by 5% between 2020-2030. In Texas, mediator positions are forecasted to grow 15% during the same timeframe, triple the national projection.


Mediators work in a variety of industries including: government, non-profits, education, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and finance.

Marketable Skills
  • Use mediation techniques to facilitate communication between disputants, to further parties' understanding of different perspectives, and to guide parties toward mutual agreement.
  • Confer with disputants to clarify issues, identify underlying concerns, and develop an understanding of their respective needs and interests.
  • Conduct initial meetings with disputants to outline the arbitration process, settle procedural matters, such as fees, or determine details, such as witness numbers or time requirements.
  • Apply relevant laws, regulations, policies, or precedents to reach conclusions.
  • Conduct hearings to obtain information or evidence relative to disposition of claims.

Program Schedule

The Mediator Certificate Program is delivered virtually over five weeks for a total of 40 hours. Learning derives from lectures, group discussions, hands-on activities, and mock mediation exercises.
  • Introduction to Mediation, Tools, & Styles

    In this session you will learn the challenges in Dispute Resolution, Overview of the Mediation Process, Power of Self-Awareness, and Sources of Conflict.

  • Stages of Mediation

    Review of the entire 7 Stages of the Mediation Process: Planning, Mediator’s Opening Statement, Client’s Initial Statement, Agenda Building, Negotiations, Caucus (optional), Agreement/Closure

  • Practice and Implementation

    Participate in Mock Mediation Exercises.

  • Final Review and Wrap-Up

    Final Review and Wrap Up.

Meet the Instructor

Nancy Boyle UTSA

Nancy Boyle

Nancy is the managing partner of Conflict Rescue®, Ask a Mediator®, and Forward Mediation® serving communities throughout Texas and New Mexico. As a Credentialed Distinguished Mediator through the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, Nancy is best known for her ability to supportively and efficiently help parties keep their conversation moving forward towards a resolution they can live with.

She draws on years of high-quality mediation and facilitation experience to ensure thoroughness when handling the most difficult and contentious cases.

Nancy serves on the board of the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association and is an approved trainer through the Texas Mediator Training Roundtable.

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Students should bring a tablet, laptop, notebook, or other note-taking means.

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