Liao Chen

Liao Chen, Ph.D.

Professor and Graduate Advisor of Record

Office: AET 3.396
Phone: (210) 458-5457
Email: Liao.Chen@utsa.edu
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Areas of Specialization
  • Biophysics
  • Theoretical and Computational Physics


Ph.D. in Physics; Institute of Theoretical Physics Academia Sinica
M.S. in Physics; Institute of Theoretical Physics Academia Sinica
B.S. in Physics and Education; Xingyang Teachers College

Research Interests

Conducting extensive in silico experiments under equilibrium and nonequilibrium conditions, we map the free-energy landscape for biophysical processes. Learning about the driving force, the free-energy gradient, we find the mechanistic details of how proteins interact with ligands and how they react to environmental changes, gaining insights that cannot be gained by in vitro experiments alone. Two examples of such studies are glycerol modulation of GlpF's function and salt-bridge between two gold nanoparticles.

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research image


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