UTSA Nanophotonics and Laser Materials Research Laboratory

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UTSA Biophotonics Research and Imaging Laboratory


Facility, Equipment, and Other Resources



Laboratory space of 1,800 square feet in two rooms on the third floor of the Applied Engineering Building (AET) at UTSA is available for research. The students (up to nine) have working desks with computers and printers available at the laboratory.


Eight PC (Pentium) computers and four HP Laser printers. Major software available for data analyses are: Mathcad, Autocad, SigmaPlot, and Origin.


Office space of approximately 250 sqare feet) is equipped with a Dell desktop computer, a Sony laptop computer, and an HP Laser Printer.


Additional resources (fax, photocopier, and office supplies) are available at the laboratories as well as at the department office.

Major Equipment

The following major equipment is available at the Laser Research Laboratory. The number in brackets indicate quantity.

  • Argon Ion Laser (tunable) from Spectra-Physics Series 2000 [1]
  • Nd:YAG Laser with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th harmonics from Spectra Physics, model GCR-12S [1]
  • Nitrogen Laser from Spectra-Physics, model VSL 337ND-S [1]
  • Dye Laser from Spectra-Physics, model DUO-220 to be pumped by the Nitrogen Laser [1]
  • He-Ne Lasers from Spectra-Physics [4]
  • Photon Technology Xenon Arc Light Source
  • Hamamatsu and Oriel Photomultiplier Tubes with appropriate housings [3]
  • Liquid nitrogen-cooled Germanium Detectors from EG&G Judson, model J16D and J10D [2]
  • SPEX Monochromator, model 340E with 1200, 600, and 300 grooves/mm gratings, and controlled by data scan with IEEE 488 acquisition card [1]
  • Oriel Grating Monochromator, model 77250 [1]
  • PTI Alphascan Fluorometer [1]
  • Cary-14R Spectrophotometer upgraded by OLIS [1]
  • Closed-cycle He Cryogenic Refrigerator, CTI model 22 from CRYO Industries
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cryostats [2]
  • Boxcar Averager model 162; Gated Integrator model 165 from Princeton Applied Research [2]
  • Optical Polarizing Microscopes; Nikon model SMZ-U and Olympus model 216708 [2]
  • Integrating Spheres, Oriel model 70451 [3]
  • Oscilloscope, Tektronix model 244A [1]

Other Resources

  • The Physics & Astronomy Department has an experienced secretary who is available to do all the necessary secretarial work for our projects.
  • A well-equipped machine shop is available for our projects on a daily basis.
  • The Engineering Department has an excellent electronics shop that is also available for our projects.
  • The Physics & Astronomy Department has a Hitachi S-5500 Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope which can be used for imaging.


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