Initiating a Project

Keep in mind the following before proceeding with a renovation or new construction project.

  • If your renovation will change the size or function of a space, you must obtain approval from Space Management prior to submitting your work request.
  • If the project affects the civic structure or public realm of the university, your request must be reviewed by Campus Planning.

Project Examples

  • Additions to buildings
  • Major building/system repairs
  • New construction, under $10 million
  • Renovations (classroom, office, lecture halls, laboratories, public use areas)
  1. Submit a Project Request.
  2. Complete the project request form. All fields in RED are required. Provide a detailed description of the desired project in the Request
    1. Provide a valid Cost Center with funding available to cover the expenses.
    2. If the request affects and/or alters the use, physical layout or size of any room or space, provide the approved Space Request number assigned by Space Management.
    3. Note: You will not be charged for preliminary scope development or cost estimating
  3. Click Submit once you have completed the form.
  4. A confirmation page will be displayed after you submit the request.
  5. Campus Construction will process your request and send you an e-mail with your Work Order number.
  6. A Campus Construction project manager will be assigned to the project. The project manager will:
    1. Meet with you to discuss the project scope.
    2. Walk the site.
    3. Gather technical information.
    4. Develop a detailed project work plan.
  7. Once the scope of work is determined and the project manager prepares an estimate, we will send you the cost estimate for:
    1. Department review
    2. Signatures
  8. When you receive the cost estimate, obtain the appropriate approval signatures on the last page of the Cost Estimate form.
  9. Return the signed Cost Estimate form to Campus Construction. Upon receipt, we will schedule the work to begin. The project manager will include you throughout the design and construction process. As the detailed Work Plan is developed and refined, several factors must be considered:
    1. Codes and Standards
    2. Hazardous Materials Abatement
    3. Information and Technology
    4. UT System & Government Regulations
    5. Academic Technology
    6. Access Control
    7. Security
    8. Fire & Life Safety
    9. Furniture
    10. Scheduling
    11. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    12. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
  10. You can monitor the progress of your work order by using the Search by Number feature of the Facilities iService Desk.
  11. After construction is finished, the project manager will:
    1. Follow up on punch list items – with your assistance
    2. Complete final billing.
    3. Provide warranty assistance for one year (if applicable).
  12. At the end of the project, we will send you a customer service survey via email.

For additional information or assistance, email Campus Construction.