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Changing the Future of Science

Leaders emerge from the College of Sciences — in research and in education. Our programs impart the knowledge and skills required for success in competitive global marketplaces. We seek to inspire students of all ages and backgrounds to pursue research and applied sciences through traditional learning; collaborative, hands-on work; and outreach to pre-college aged students.

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Alejandro Morales Betancourt is a Physics Ph.D. Student at UTSA.

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#OfficeHours highlights our non-tenure-track faculty

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New water institute to explore the resource’s impact on society » read more
San Antonio Voice: Dr. Juan Gutierrez specializing in COVID-19 computer models talks about a potential second wave » podcast
NASA MIRO CAMEE hosts inaugural conference » read more
Dr. Aimin Liu directs team that discovers how key enzyme in amino acid metabolism works » read more
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COVID-19 in Texas Interactive Mapping Tool
developed by Dr. Hongjie Xie and PhD student YoungHyun Koo

Faculty Highlights
Dr. Edwin Barea-Rodriguez Dr. Edwin Barea-Rodriguez featured in list of 100 inspiring Hispanic/Latinx scientists in America » read more
Dr. Alexis Godet Dr. Alexis Godet selected to receive a Lutcher Brown Professorship » read more
Dr. Jenny Hsieh Dr. Jenny Hsieh inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Researchers » read more
Dr. Nicole Wicha Dr. Nicole Wicha named fellow in national STEM academy » read more


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