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Dean's Student Board


The Student Board, consisting of representatives from each Department, is a student organization that advocates for College of Sciences’ students and addresses issues of importance that are then shared with the Dean. The mission of the Student Board is to serve as a liaison to COS faculty, staff, and Dean by:

  • Representing student desires to better their collegiate experience.
  • Informing students of opportunities that exist in the College of Sciences, its centers, and programs, that are available to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Engaging in discussions on College policy and activities.
  • Promoting a healthy scientific and collegiate community.
  • Providing a forum for students to present innovative ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism for the benefit of the college.
  • Involving students in research and higher learning to promote scientific education.
  • Endorsing fellowship between students and College of Sciences faculty.
  • Promoting leadership, professionalism, and public service to the College of Sciences and the university.

Benefits for you:

  • Add your voice for your academic department, college, and UTSA.
  • Participate in decision-making processes that play a role in impacting the college and UTSA as a whole.
  • Gain insights into administrative processes.
  • Invitation to professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Develop excellent academic relationships with faculty/staff.
    (may receive strong letters of recommendation when needed)


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