Degree First Name Last Name Year Advisor
Certificate (GIS) Jordan Arnold 2021 Hongjie Xie
Certificate (GIS) Patrick Bryan 2021 Hongjie Xie
Certificate (GIS) Tomas Fernandez 2021 Hongjie Xie
Certificate (GIS) John James 2020 Hongjie Xie
Certificate (GIS) Karen Mendiondo 2021 Hongjie Xie
Certificate (GIS) Christian Sheumaker 2020 Hongjie Xie
Certificate (GIS) Kevin Silcos 2021 Hongjie Xie
MS Geoinformatics (non-thesis) Adetunji Adeleye 2020 Hongjie Xie
MS Geoinformatics (non-thesis) Jerry Chavez 2020 Hongjie Xie
MS Geoinformatics (non-thesis) John James 2021 Hongjie Xie
MS Geoinformatics (non-thesis) John Linfoot 2021 Hongjie Xie
MS Geoinformatics (non-thesis) Sophie Milich 2020 Hongjie Xie
MS Geoinformatics (non-thesis) Stuart Lawyer 2020 Hongjie Xie
MS Geoinformatics (thesis)
(Sustayta) Comparison of geostrophic current estimates from a buoyancy glider and a surface current analysis from satellites in the Gulf of Mexico
Christian Sustayta 2021 Alberto Mestas-Nunez
MS Geology (non-thesis) David Dudics 2019 Judy Haschenburger
MS Geology (thesis)
(Arnold) The Significance of Tributary Sediment Input in Controlling Main Stem River Morphology
Jordan Arnold 2021 Judy Haschenburger
MS Geology (thesis)
(Bernardo) The Development of Porosity in the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk Group of Texas
Miguel Bernardo 2020 Alexis Godet
MS Geology (thesis)
(Campos) Petrology and chemistry of the younger intrusives from the Liano Uplift, Central Texas
Juan Campos 2020 Judy Haschenburger
Walter Gray
MS Geology (thesis)
(Faller) Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Middle Permian Reef Trail Member (Uppermost Bell Canyon Formation), SC1 Reference Section, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, West Texas
Tiffany Faller 2021 Lance Lambert
MS Geology (thesis)
(Hancock) Evaluation of subsurface porosity in the Austin Chalk Group, South Texas
Andrew Hancock 2019 Alexis Godet
MS Geology (thesis)
(Kirkendall) Investigation of methods in fluorescent dye extraction from activated charcoal for use in dye tracing
Alyssa Kirkendall 2019 Yongli Gao
MS Geology (thesis)
(Lewis) A new Genus of Kufengoceratinae from the Pipeline Shale Member, Brushy Canyon Formation (Upper Roadian Stage), Guadalupe Mountains, West Texas
Donavan Lewis 2020 Lance Lambert
MS Geology (thesis)
(McBride) Carbon isotope chemostratigraphy of the mid-Cretaceous Escucha Formation in Spain
Caleb McBride 2019 Marina Suarez
Alexis Godet
MS Geology (thesis)
(McCay) Controlling mechanisms on the preservation of organic matter in the Late Cretaceous Eagle Ford Group, South Texas
Colby McCay 2021 Alexis Godet
MS Geology (thesis)
(Mendiondo) Acoustic doppler current profiler observations of ocean current velocities from a sea explorer glider
Karen Mendiondo 2020 Alberto Mestas-Nunez
MS Geology (thesis)
(Norwood) Geochemistry and Petrology of the Mesoproterozoic Katemcy Pluton, Llano Uplift, Central Texas
Matthew Norwood 2021 Walter Gray
MS Geology (thesis)
(Nunu) Using geochemical and statistical analyses to identify local and regional flow to a multi-outlet spring system: San Solomon Springs, Texas, USA
Rebecca Nunu 2020 Yongli Gao
MS Geology (thesis)
(Poujardieu) Geochemistry and petrology of dikes and enclaves of the Mesoproterozoic Enchanted Rock Batholith, Llano Uplift, Central Texas
Amber Poujardieu 2021 Walter Gray
MS Geology (thesis)
(Schoenberger) Summer melt of McMurdo Ice Shelf from satellite data: 2013-2019
Douglas Schoenberger 2019 Hongjie Xie
MS Geology (thesis)
(Teran) Probabilistic Analysis of Lahar Bulking and Debulking in Channelized Proximal Volcanic Settings
Sergio Teran 2021 Blake Weissling
MS Geology (thesis)
(Walsh) Depositional environment of Texas Cretaceous carbonate platforms inferred from the statistical analysis of geochemical data
Ken Walsh 2020 Alexis Godet
MS Geology (thesis)
(Webster) A phreeqc model of the geochemical variation across a freshwater and saline water interface, Edwards Balcones Fault-Zone aquifer, South-Central Texas
Philip Webster 2019 Yongli Gao
PhD Environmental Science and Engineering
(Tian,Lijun) Stable isotope evidence for moisture sources in Central Texas and polar regions
Lijun Tian 2019 Yongli Gao
PhD Environmental Science and Engineering
(Tian,Liuxi) Ross Sea ice thickness and change from airborne and satellite remote sensing
Liuxi Tian 2020 Stephen Ackley
Hongjie Xie