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Neuroscience, Developmental and Regenerative Biology

The Department of Neuroscience, Developmental and Regenerative Biology is a vibrant department of scientific discovery and academic excellence. A key to our success has been our ability to recruit dynamic faculty at both the senior and junior levels, thus ensuring that our research and educational programs will continue to grow in excellence with an infusion of new ideas and energy.

Our mission is to conduct high impact internationally recognized research and to educate and train the next generation of leaders in biological sciences. As a department of neuroscientists, and developmental and regenerative biologists, we focus on understanding organismal, tissue and cellular function from molecules to behavior in health and disease.

We congratulate the following students who successfully defended their Doctoral dissertations this summer

Vanessa Cerda, Ph.D.

Neuroscience Program
Mentor: Nicole Wicha, Ph.D.

"Two Times Four = Dos Por Cuatro: Simple Arithmetic Processing in the Bilingual Brain"

Ching Hsun Cheng, Ph.D.

Cell and Molecular Biology Program
Mentor: Gary Gaufo, Ph.D.

"Identifying Reprogramming Barriers to Totipotency"

Bryan Fowler, Ph.D.

Neuroscience Program
Mentor: Lindsey Macpherson, Ph.D.

"A Modest Petrosal: Elucidating Function and Molecular Identity in the Understudied Peripheral Taste Ganglion"

Yu-Huey Lin, Ph.D.

Cell and Molecular Biology Program
Mentor: John McCarrey, Ph.D.

"Analysis of Differential Epigenetic Reprogramming Potential among Pluripotent, Germ and Somatic Cell Types"

Lorena Roa De La Cruz, Ph.D.

Cell and Molecular Biology Program
Mentor: Brian Hermann, Ph.D.

"Mechanisms of Specification and Maintenance of Foundational Spermatogonial Stem Cells in Mice"

Jacqueline Williams, Ph.D.

Cell and Molecular Biology Program
Mentor: Gary Sunter, Ph.D.

"Hijacking of the Plant Transcription Factor TCP24 by Geminiviruses for the Regulation of Late Gene Expression"

NDRB Research Showcase

August 22, 2022  |  12-2 pm  |  BSE Atrium

featuring posters from core faculty in the NDRB PhD programs
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NDRB Fall 2022 Welcome Day

August 23, 2022  |  9 am - 4 pm  |  BSE 2.304

all undergraduate CMB and Neuroscience students and undergraduates interested in Neuroscience are welcome
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Dr. Isabel Muzzio

University Excellence Award winner:
Teaching Excellence Award - Dr. Isabel Muzzio
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Merridee Lefner

Neuroscience PhD student Merridee Lefner '15 to become two-time UTSA alumna
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UTSA's NDRB program receives million-dollar gift to support doctoral student research
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Application Deadline for Fall 2022 is December 1, 2021.
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