Internships are temporary jobs that provide real-time work experience, often for college students. Internships afford students the opportunity to experience a particular line of work before they have fully committed to a career path. In addition, employeers tend to value a student more when they have done interships since these provide the student with hands-on experience and skills that can't be obtained in a school setting.

Summer Internships / Summer Programs

In the sciences, summer internships and programs provide the opportunity to have an immersive research experience that might not be possible during the school year. Additionally, attending a summer internship or program away from your home institution exposes you to new topics, techniques, and research equipment.

Summer internships and programs are normally eight to twelve weeks long, starting in May or June and ending in August. Winter break is an ideal time to look for summer internships and programs since many have February application deadlines.

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Year-Round Internships

Year-round internships provide a more in-depth experience than a summer internship or program. Interns may be given the opportunity to demonstrate specific skills or focus their personal interests on a specific project. These experiences provide valuable insight into how specific research may work and how labs operate.

Year-round internships allow you to develop new skills and strengthen existing skills. They also help establish professional contacts in a potential field of interest. Additionally, you will be able to demonstrate work setting accomplishments in your resume.

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