Rachel Mathura
Rachel Mathura, Biology Major
By Ryan Schoensee

Meet Rachel Mathura, fundraising chair for the International Student Association (ISA) and a UTSA biology student.

Being from the twin-island state of Trinidad and Tobago, Rachel takes pride in her identity as an international student. She first came to the United States in 2007 to accompany her father for a work assignment and later returned in 2016.

Rachel has always appreciated the level of encouragement she has received from her tight-knit family, which made it important for her to seek that same support in a university. It was UTSA’s uplifting atmosphere that made it such an appealing option for her to pursue. Upon graduating high school, Rachel began her academic career with UTSA, making her the second person in her family to attend college in a foreign country.

In her pursuit of a B.S. in biology, Rachel honed her focus on the medical research track. When she was 10 years old, Rachel found out that her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She beat the disease after receiving treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, further motivating Rachel to strive toward her field of study. She has set her mind on finding and contributing to the cure. Rachel believes the work she is doing presently is setting the foundation for what is going to be a future of prosperity and career development in the medical field. "At UTSA, I feel that my ambition is supported, and my courage is praised!"

In 2021, Rachel found a method to provide aid to fellow international classmates and better help them adjust to an environment away from home by becoming a peer mentor. It was among Rachel's biggest goals to allow her peers to build their own lasting experiences and not be alone in their success. "I am thankful to advisors for making this a possibility and I encourage all who have the chance to participate!"

"A key focus area of being a Roadrunner is the ability to invest in the development of others and yourself," said Rachel. It was this sentiment that motivated her to take on a leadership role in the ISA, a student organization that is dedicated to supporting and uplifting UTSA’s international students. Her responsibilities include planning and preparing events, as well as fundraising for the organization.

"Through sharing experiences of distinct cultures, beliefs, and interests, the International Student Association welcomes global viewpoints and creates ties between a diverse group of students," said Rachel.

Rachel is preparing to graduate this spring. She is currently applying to multiple institutions centered around laboratory research in the San Antonio area. In the future, she hopes to assist in finding treatment for the simple and complex diseases that continue to plague the global population. She feels that UTSA was the best choice for a major experience that will set her up for life. Now and forever, she will be a proud Roadrunner.


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