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College of Education and Human Development at The University of Texas at San Antonio Online Magazine


Dennis Davis
Dennis Davis, $25,000, University of Michigan
“Early Career Researchers to Conduct Secondary Data Analyses of the MET Longitudinal Database”




Zenong Yin & Meizi He, $9,044, Shanxi Evergreen Service
“Pathway to Health: A Lifestyle Intervention to Prevent Diabetes”
Gloria Crisp, $33,987, Association for Institutional Research,
“Predicting Successful Remediation Among Hispanic Students”
Emily Bonner, Lorena Claeys and Can Saygin, $570,000, The Higher Education Coordinating Board
“South Texas STEM Educator Center”
Erica Sosa, $8,626, City of San Antonio
“Follow up Evaluation of Healthy Hubs”
Felecia Castro-Villarreal, $5,750, COEHD Office of the Dean
“Culturally Responsive School Consultation”
Alicia Maurer, Kim Bilica, Claudia Guerra, & Michael Mary, $20,060, National Park Service
“Develop Educational Curriculum for Spanish Colonial Demonstrations Farm at Mission San Juan”
Michael Karcher
Michael Karcher, $297,583, Department of Justice
“Ten and 40 Years After Mentoring: Longitudinal Analyses of Relationship and Developmental Processes as Moderators of Outcomes in Two Experimental Studies”




Jorge Solís, $327,640, University of California Santa Cruz
“Secondary Science Teaching with Language and Literacy Acquisition (STELLA): A Collaborative Research Project”
John Zhang, $30,000, UTSA Office of the Vice President for Research
“Solving the Dilemma of Post-Myocardial Infarction Exercise Training on Myocardial Remodeling”
William Cooke & Donovan Fogt, $30,000, TSA Office of the Vice President for Research
U, “Acute Effects of Vaporized Nicotine on Metabolic, Cardiovascular, and Cerebrovascular Responses in Humans”
Dennis Davis, $49,932, Spencer Foundation
“A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Examination of Teachers’ Specialized Knowledge for Supporting Reader-Text Interactions”
Alberto Cordova
Alberto Cordova, $3,579, COEHD Office of the Dean
“Motor Imagery in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder”




Roxanne Henkin
Roxanne Henkin, $20,000, National Writing Project
“San Antonio Writing Project: Professional Development in a High Needs School”




Kathryn Henderson, $2,710, COEHD Office of the Dean
“No Duty to Warn in Texas: Licensed Professional Counselor’s Knowledge, Perceptions, and Reporting Patterns of Harm to Others”
Juliet Langman, $3,748, COEHD Office of the Dean
“Teaching Through Talking: Exploring and Directing Teachers’ Discourses of Teaching and Learning”
Christopher Rivera, $3,749, COEHD Office of the Dean,
“The Effects of a Multimedia Shared Story Intervention to Teach Vocabulary to Students with an Intellectual Disability”
John Zhang, $10,000, COEHD Office of the Dean,
“Effect of Different Exercise Modes on Cardiac Function and Geometrical Changes After Myocardial Infarction”
Alberto Cordova, $14,017, UTSA Vice President for Research,
“Physiological Desensitization and Violent Video Games: Is There an Ecological Buffer”

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