Peer Models of Excellence

In 2018, UTSA identified ten institutions to serve as peer models of excellence with the expectation that we would emulate and adapt proven strategies and best practices. These examples provided know-how and inspiration for UTSA’s transformative growth and becoming a Tier One, Carnegie R1 Institution.

As institutions change, it is natural that their peers and aspirants will change as well. In his charge to the Strategic Plan Refresh Steering Committee, President Eighmy tasked the Steering Committee Chair to work closely with UTSA’s Office of Institutional Research and Analysis to identify a new group of comparison institutions to inspire us as we look to complete our strategic plan in 2028. That analysis resulted in the recommendation to update that list accordingly. Moving forward, these ten institutions will set new, aspirational benchmarks toward which we will continue to strive.

Peer Models

» Arizona State University

» Florida International University

» George Mason University 

» Georgia State University

» University of California, Irvine

» University of California, Santa Cruz

» University of California, Riverside

» University of Central Florida

» University of Illinois, Chicago

» University of South Florida