National Security Collaboration Center Updates

August 16, 2018

President Eighmy delivers talk at Cyber Texas Conference

President Taylor Eighmy delivered a talk on "Building Partnerships to meet Global Security Challenges" at the 2018 Cyber Texas conference Read more  

July 20, 2018

NSCC continues recruitment efforts

UTSA continues to recruit partners for the National Security Collaboration Center Read more  

June 14, 2018

President Eighmy visits Washington, meets with lawmakers

President Eighmy led a UTSA delegation to Washington DC on June 5-6 to meet with lawmakers Read more  

May 17, 2018

NSCC continues to receive government and industry support

The NSCC continues to receive government and industry support, with Accenture and the 25th Air Force (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) joining others in their commitment to partner with UTSA Read more  

April 18, 2018

UTSA launches National Security Collaboration Center

Formally announced the launch of the National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC) through UTSA Today, the San Antonio Business Journal, Texas Public Radio and other media outlets Read more  

March 23, 2018

FBI and US Secret Service partner with NSCC

Partnerships for the National Security Collaboration Center have advanced through securing of letters of intent and commitment from government partners Read more  

February 16, 2018

Federal, industry and nonprofit partners begin planning

The first strategic planning meeting took place January 30th Read more  

January 19, 2018

NSCC Initiative established

This initiative will establish a National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC) at UTSA to advance research, education, and workforce development in the areas of cybersecurity, data analytics and cloud computing Read more