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Westside Community Partnerships Initiative

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Through this initiative, UTSA seeks to amplify the economic and cultural strengths of the Westside by marshaling UTSA talent and resources to engage in strategic community partnerships. UTSA will develop a coordinated approach in alignment with the university’s commitment to delivering a world-class education to communities in San Antonio’s urban core. 


Strategic Plan Midpoint Update (Fall 2022)

UTSA’s Westside Community Center was established in September of 2019 to provide educational and economic opportunities to residents of San Antonio’s historic Westside and to be a resource for residents, small businesses, and non-profits. 

In September 2021, the President’s Office launched the Westside Community Partnerships Initiatives under the leadership of Roger Enriquez, Assistant Professor, College of Health, Community and Policy. The Initiative formalized an approach to tap UTSA’s talent and resources to engage in reciprocal strategic community partnerships; to date, this has resulted in over 30 high-impact projects to foster Educational Excellence, Economic Prosperity, Community-Based Research, or Community-Campus Engagement.  

While the framework to establish the Westside Community Partnerships has been implemented, UTSA’s commitment to developing reciprocal partnerships and delivering a world-class education to communities in San Antonio’s urban core may remain ongoing in perpetuity. 

Westside Community Partnerships

This Initiative Supports Strategic Destinations 

Destination Three: Exemplar for Strategic Growth and Innovative Excellence