Upcoming Initiatives

The following initiatives are being launched over the course of the 2020-21 academic year. New initiatives are launched a regular intervals to address the institution's highest priorities.

Student Success 2.0

Building on the work done during the Student Success 1.0 initiative, the 2.0 initiative will focus on expanding and deepening synergistic partnerships between the Division of Student Success, the academic colleges, Student Affairs and Career Engaged Learning to accelerate our progress to our institutional goals. An important aspect of this initiative will be to capture and define how the UTSA student experience is set apart from other institutions, resulting in a strategic communication framework that connects to the university’s “Bold Futures” marketing campaign. The initiative is launching with student success center pilot projects in three academic colleges to better bridge the centralized services provided by the Division of Student Success and the more specialized, degree-specific services provided by the colleges. The division will provide guidance, funding and support to the colleges as they refine their services and/or expand upon newly established services. Services to be enhanced may include:

  • Tutoring and supplemental instruction for upper division courses not currently served by the Tomás Rivera Center
  • Additional engagement and ”belonging” programming provided by student employees (peer mentors)
  • Faculty mentoring stipends
  • Online tutoring support for courses that are traditionally challenging for students
  • Programming specific to special populations, such as minority males and second-year students
  • Expanded undergraduate opportunities for research, leadership, etc.

Fiscal Strategies: Revenue Diversification

UTSA will continue to serve as a leader in the development and implementation of innovative fiscal strategies to diversify revenue in the areas of real estate investment and auxiliary offerings. The university will increase revenue opportunities through strategic partnerships with public and private partners to maximize land use on UT-owned land, including holdings such as Cattleman’s Square, 702 Dolorosa, the Institute of Texan Cultures, Park West, and the Campus Gateway/Roadrunner Village. Fee-based project oversight of non-CIP projects will allow UTSA to maintain security and control of UT-owned land throughout the construction process for projects with non-university leads, typically as part of P3 partnerships or land leases. Fee-based inspection services will be provided on CIP Major Capital projects, institutional projects and projects developed on UT-owned land, including land leases and P3 partnerships. UTSA will continue to explore a wide range of auxiliary opportunities that support an excellent Roadrunner experience, while also providing new or expanded revenue generation.

Create and Foster a Flexible Workforce

At the onset of the pandemic, UTSA quickly shifted to remote operations wherever feasible, rapidly creating a virtual working and learning culture. The university’s workforce evolved to include remote and hybrid work modalities with a focus on flexibility, improving customer service and increasing productivity. As the Roadrunner community prepares to return to campus, leaders are embracing remote and hybrid options where it makes sense, while still providing a full array of on-campus services. People Excellence will work with campus leaders to evaluate positions, consider employee preferences and reimagine workflows, ensuring that inclusion and fairness is promoted throughout the workforce. These assessments will be ongoing, allowing the university to ensure work modalities continue to support UTSA’s values and culture, while fostering a flexible and modern workforce that appeals to our current and future employees.

Web Infrastructure Project

This initiative will establish a framework for the utsa.edu universe, including the strategies, resources, policies and standards needed to ensure user experiences come first, ultimately elevating UTSA’s web presence to reflect the trajectory and caliber of a great public research university.

Brand Development - Creating Bold Futures

This effort will continue the development of UTSA’s new Creating Bold FuturesTM brand to further establish UTSA as a great Hispanic thriving public research university where aspiring students from all backgrounds experience a life-changing education leading to a bold future. The university’s brand promise, platform and positioning will see further refinement for the post-pandemic era, building on marketing campaigns for prospective students and expanding to other stakeholder audiences. 

Strategic Plan Midpoint Update (Fall 2022)

Throughout the pandemic, UTSA’s Office of People Excellence worked with supervisors and campus leaders to develop policies and resources to better support employees working across in-person, remote and hybrid modalities.

In Fall 2022, campus leaders continue to support employees through on-going efforts to respond to the feedback collected in the Faculty and Staff Campus Climate Survey