Trainings for Faculty & Staff

Discrimination & Sexual Harassment: Your role as a UTSA employee (SD309)

For UTSA employees (faculty, staff, students) in a non-supervisory role. Duration: 3 hours

This dynamic class builds off of past training about unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct; participants learn key aspects of discrimination/sexual harassment and about prevention. Small groups discuss case law and real life example. The class provides definitions, exercises, small group discussion, movie clips, case studies and the role and responsibilities of UTSA employees. Participants receive detailed packets of information about discrimination and UTSA policy. Classes available every semester to all UTSA non-supervisors (full-time, part-time, faculty, staff and student employees)

Discrimination & Sexual Harassment: Your role as a UTSA supervisor (SU317)

For UTSA supervisors. Duration: 3.5 hours

This class provides definitions, exercises, case law and other pertinent information to UTSA supervisors about all aspects of unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. The class covers UTSA's complaint process, the role of UTSA's Equal Opportunity Services Office and the responsibilities of supervisors. Participants will be able to identify key elements in unlawful discrimination, state why this information is important as a UTSA supervisor, and show a working knowledge of what to do if discrimination or harassment is happening at UTSA. Classes available every semester to all UTSA supervisors.

Discrimination Prevention: Applied Learning Scenarios (SU330) PREREQUISTE: SU317

For UTSA supervisors. Duration: 3 hours

You already know a lot about unlawful discrimination. Now what? Take this class to apply your knowledge to real work situations. Participants work together on practical application of Equal Employment Opportunity knowledge using scenarios, small group discussion and other activities. "What would you do if?" multiple real-life scenarios. All new cases and materials reflecting today's climate. Course topics include: common management mistakes and pitfalls, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, discrimination based on race, national origin, gender identity, disability and other protected groups, your rights and responsibilities when involved in discrimination investigations, indicated course of action in a variety of workplace situations. Classes available every semester to all UTSA supervisors.

Diversity Awareness: M.E.E.T. on Common Ground (SD308)

This class is for all UTSA employees (supervisors and non-supervisors). Duration: 3 hours

Participants explore similarities, differences and diversity awareness at UTSA. The class utilizes a four-step model for promoting communication called M.E.E.T. on Common Ground: M=Make Time to Discuss; E=Explore Differences; E=Encourage Respect; T=Take Responsibility. The class includes six straightforward movie clips that demonstrate real-life situations, giving participants the chance to practice skills for creating an inclusive, respectful workplace. By focusing on understanding and communication, participants learn to respond to diversity situations in a professional and respectful manner. Resources on diversity and equity at UTSA are provided. Classes available every semester to all UTSA employees.

Classes are available each semester, employees can browse the selection of various classes and dates and register for classes via the MyTraining Website -

For questions or more information, you may contact HR's Training and Development office at ext. 6641 or ext. 4658.

Navigating Our Relational Roles w/Students: Boundaries and Policies

Duration: 1 hour

This presentation will cover polices related to sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and consensual relationships. We will discuss items related to building healthy relationships with our students, while being mindful of the power differential that exists within this relationship dynamic. Also, we will introduce/review practical ways to respond to initial disclosures of sexual assault/dating violence incidents, keeping in mind trauma informed care. Lastly, there will be an opportunity for sharing of ideas in our effort to improve our understanding of issues covered, as well as to start creating a team approach to managing the topics covered.

Trauma Informed Response: Understanding Ways to React to Disclosures

Duration: 1.5 hour

This training will provide the basics on trauma informed approach and trauma informed interventions. We will review relevant statistics on trauma, making specific connections to our college aged population, as well covering trauma statistics overall. We will begin to formulate a framework for the impact trauma may have over a lifetime. Emphasis will be made on providing an understanding of the socio-ecological model and laying the foundation about why the topic of trauma informed responses is relevant to our work. Participants will learn practical ways in which to understand the effects of simple interactions with students, and the value of developing a trauma informed mind set when we are communicating with students, coworkers, peers. Lastly, there will be discussion about making authentic connections with others intentionally creating a campus climate where students voices matter, and they know it. Lastly, there will be an opportunity for questions and discussion, as time permits.

Beaks Up Speak Up

Beaks Up Speak Up is part of a UT System intervention initiative that empowers Roadrunners to be active bystanders against sexual violence, high-risk drinking, and more. See the current list of faculty/staff workshops by visiting the MyTraining website.

These trainings are offered on an ongoing basis upon request. To schedule a training with your department, office or campus group, contact us at and provide the number of potential attendees as well as suggested dates/times.