Welcome to Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice

The Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice's (MSCEJ) mission is to promote an equitable and socially just campus for students through community building, campus advocacy, education and programming.

To achieve this mission,

  • We offer equity and social justice focused trainings for students, faculty and staff
  • We build programs and events in collaboration with student organizations that reflect the cultural backgrounds and needs of historically marginalized student populations
  • We are intentional about creating programs and events that foster community and reflection
  • We support students' desires to build social justice and equity leadership skills


Professional picture of Javon, Black man in a button up tie and vee neck sweater

Javon Gillespie
Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies - Focus in Business, Communications and Public Administration
From Killeen, TX


Javon started at UTSA, left UTSA, then returned to complete the degree he is now earning in Multidisciplinary Studies.

He realized his potential and knew that to succeed at the University he also needed to get involved and serve the campus and the community.  He joined several student organizations and held leadership positions in several of them.  As a strong leader, he is admired and respected by his peers. He has also held roles that have served the campus community as an Orientation Leader and as a Peer Facilitator in the Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice.

Congratulations, Von!  Go out and change the world!


Kammille Harvey
Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
From San Antonio, Texas


Kammille, a native of San Antonio, graduated from Texas State University in 2019 with a degree in Psychology. After considering her options as a recent graduate, she decided to return to her hometown and enroll in the graduate program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Kammille is a passionate mental health advocate and has a gift for creating welcoming, inclusive, and safe spaces for underrepresented communities. These qualities were highly valued during her time as a Graduate Assistant at the Dreamers Resource Center. Her empathy for others and willingness to learn have made her an incredible team member and leader.

Congratulations, Kammille! While the Dreamers Resource Center will miss you, we are confident that you will continue to have a positive impact on our community.

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