Welcome to Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice

The Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice's (MSCEJ) mission is to promote an equitable and socially just campus for students through community building, campus advocacy, education and programming.

To achieve this mission,

  • We offer equity and social justice focused trainings for students, faculty and staff
  • We build programs and events in collaboration with student organizations that reflect the cultural backgrounds and needs of historically marginalized student populations
  • We are intentional about creating programs and events that foster community and reflection
  • We support students' desires to build social justice and equity leadership skills



We're Hiring!!

We are looking for students to fill several positions that will be available for the Fall 2023 semester.

For more information and to apply for any of these positions, log into Handshake and search the job postings by the position title or job number listed below.

Program Assistant [job # 7583686]

Support the production of program/event/special project planning, high-quality marketing, program/event implementation, and administrative/clerical tasks.

Equity and Justice Peer Facilitator [job # 7590939]

The Equity and Justice Peer Facilitators are a diverse group of UTSA students who are interested in and passionate about advancing equity and social justice on campus by facilitating trainings, workshops, and discussion groups focused on equity and social justice topics

Graduate Assistant - Dreamers Resource Center [job # 7231362]

Assist with the development, planning, facilitation, and assessment of the Dreamers Resource Center’s student, faculty, and staff learning initiatives, including training, resources, and social media presence. Obtaining and maintaining knowledge and awareness of current policies and laws that may impact dreamer students is imperative.


Equity & Social Justice Training


Programming & Events


Dreamers Resource Center