Being an Ally

Allyship is recognizing that we all have different identities, backgrounds and lived experiences.  It is also recognizing that these differences may impact how we experience the university and society more broadly. It is important to be mindful of how our own experiences and biases may impact others. At UTSA, we are committed to creating an equitable and inclusive community and being an Ally is one commitment toward this goal.

Allyship Training

This training serves as an introduction to participants on what it means to be an ally and why it is important. It is a broad look at allyship practices for historically excluded groups and shares resources for participants to learn and strengthen the skills needed to be an ally.


The Ally Program seeks to empower administrators, faculty, staff and students to create and maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBTQIA+ members of our campus and community. By providing support, resources, and educational programs, Allies help LGBTQIA+ students find their place and remain a vital part of UTSA.

Who is an LGBTQIA+ ALLY?

Allies are faculty, staff, and students at UTSA who provide a supportive and welcoming environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual (LGBTQIA+) students. Members of the Allies Program at UTSA may post a placard or wear a lapel pin with the Allies logo to identify themselves.

Each Ally has attended a training session prior to becoming part of the Allies Program at UTSA so that they may become familiar with the benefits and responsibilities of being an Ally.

How do I become an LGBTQIA+ ALLY?

Register for Ally training.
Faculty and Staff can register through UTSA MyTraining. Becoming An Ally Part 1: Building Your Knowledge of the LGBTQIA+ Community (SD0670); and Becoming an Ally Part II: Applying Allyship (SD0671). Please note that SD0670 is a required prerequisite to SD0671.  You must attend both sessions to receive your placard and pin.


Students: Learn to be a support and a resource for yourself or peers who identify as LGBTQ+. At least two sessions are offered each semester.  Follow us on social media and on RowdyLink to see when sessions are scheduled.


UTSA Pride Flag

Dreamer Ally

The Dreamer ALLY Training has been developed to build a welcoming campus climate through the creation of a university-wide network of easily visible allies for the Dreamer/Undocumented student population. Through education, support, and advocacy, allies can actively engage in spreading awareness about educational laws and student rights that our Dreamer/Undocumented students have. Dreamer Allies advocate for equitable professional, personal, and academic opportunities dedicated to our Dreamer/Undocumented students. 

Who is a Dreamer ALLY? 

Dreamer Allies are students, faculty, and staff from UTSA and the surrounding areas who promote a welcoming, knowledgeable, and sensitive university culture for our Dreamers/Undocumented students and mixed-status families. Dreamer Allies receive a virtual placard that can be posted on their office and/or BlackBoard to identify themselves. 
Dreamer Allies earn their placard by attending a training session hosted by the Dreamers Resource Center staff. During this training, information is provided on the experiences the Dreamer/Undocumented population face within and outside higher education. Dreamer Allies also learn about recent changes in state and federal policies that affect Dreamer/Undocumented students. 

How do I become a Dreamer ALLY?

UTSA Professional Community - UTSA faculty and staff can register for SD0436 Dreamer ALLY Training through MyTraining. Once training is completed, HR credit will be provided a virtual placard will be emailed to the UTSA email address on file. 
UTSA Student Organizations - Students who are interested in supporting immigrant rights and/or actively engage in advocacy, can email in order to request a Student Dreamer ALLY Training for their organization. 


Dreamer butterfly