Racial Justice Challenge

About the Challenge

Racial Justice Challenge

The Racial Justice Challenge is intended to engage faculty and staff in learning about racial injustice and advocating for anti-racism.

The concept of the Challenge was introduced by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. to create a greater understanding of the intersections of race, power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity.

This Spring 2023, the Challenge is intentionally crafted to focus on the experiences of Transgender People of Color. We hope to build deeper knowledge and awareness of the experiences of the Transgender people and the intersections of race and racism.



The Racial Justice Challenge invites participants to complete a curriculum of daily short assignments, typically taking less than an hour a day. The challenge will last five weeks, beginning the week of March 20 with group discussions held virtually on Friday mornings from 11:00am to 12:00pm. The weekly discussions will be facilitated by members of the Transgender Education Network of Texas.

Week 1- Introduction and Terminology

Week 2- Transphobia in History, Identity, and Culture

Week 3- Transphobia in Higher Education/Academia

Week 4- Violence Toward Transgender People of Color Today

Week 5- Allyship, Trans Activism, and Joy


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Planning Committee

The planning committee for the Racial Justice Challenge is comprised of the following team members.

  • Laura Munroe, Executive Director, Campus Recreation 
  • Brandi Scott, Ph.D., Director, Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice 
  • Victoria Lopez-Herrera, Senior Associate Director, Campus Recreation