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Topics covered on UTSA’s Math Placement


* Simplify polynomial, rational, radical, logarithmic, exponential, and trigonometric expressions

* Multiply binomials with more than one variable

* Multiply polynomial expressions and simplify using properties of integer exponents

* Solve applied problems involving proportion and linear equations

* Factor trinomials with 1 and non 1 leading coefficient

* Simplify expressions containing rational exponents

* Solve linear, quadratic, and absolute value inequalities

* Find real or non-real solutions of quadratic equations

* Find real solutions of rational and radical equations

* Solve system of two linear equations in two variables

* Evaluate functions and use function notation

* Find slope of line given equation of line

* Graph absolute value, quadratic, and trigonometric equations/functions

* Solve equations for indicated variable

* Solve problem given graph of quadratic function

* Find equation of line given information about the line

* Determine composition of two functions

* Answer questions about roots of polynomial equations

* Answer questions about x-intercepts of graph of equation

* Find domain of function (including trigonometric functions)

* Simplify difference quotients

* Solve logarithmic and exponential equations

* Evaluate trigonometric functions

* Use trigonometric functions to solve problems involving right triangles

* Use trigonometric identities to re-write trigonometric expressions

* Evaluate expressions involving inverse trigonometric functions



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