Marc Rubin
From left, Nestor Reyes and Beatrice Amaro-Chavez, UTSA Disabilities
Services, and Marc Rubin
(Photo: Mark McClendon)
videocam Mission Possible: Deaf UTSA graduate Marc Rubin works
for U.S. Army in Italy

KENS-TV, 5/25/06 (closed captioned)

Deaf UTSA graduate works for Army in Italy

By Kris Rodriguez
Public Affairs Specialist

(July 12, 2006)--For the next three months, Marc Rubin, a 28-year-old UTSA alumnus who is deaf, will work for the U.S. Army in Italy as an inventory computer assistant in the logistics department.

According to military officials, Rubin is the first deaf person who has worked with the military overseas.

Rubin has not let his disability limit his goals and activities. An accomplished skydiver, he recently assisted hundreds of U.S. soldiers complete training for parachute certification.

Before his flight overseas, he spoke with KENS-TV reporter Bridget Smith with the assistance of Nelda Ellerbee, a UTSA Disabilities Services interpreter. A link to the story is at left.

Ellerbee and the UTSA Disabilities Services staff provide assistance to more than 200 students attending UTSA classes.