Welcome to the UTSA 50th Anniversary Website


2019 is one of the biggest years in the university's history. It's UTSA's anniversary! 50 years since the university was founded. Over five decades, remarkable events and people have built an institution of excellence.

UTSA was championed into existence by a group of dedicated people who strongly believed that a public university in San Antonio would thrive and in turn help the city, its people and its businesses thrive as well. And they weren't wrong. Indeed, while 50 years' time might sound like a long expanse, in university years it's practically the blink of an eye. Yes, UTSA is a young university, yet the accomplishments are significant. A dedicated university team has delved into archival materials to bring UTSA's history to life. Some people and events will be familiar.  But others will definitely surprise and inspire.

So join in the celebration. Now and forever, we are Roadrunners.

The greatest thing a government can do for its citizens is education.
"Father of UTSA" Rep. Frank Lombardino, speaking before the House State Affairs Subcommittee in Austin, about why the committee should approve the proposal for a public university in San Antonio, on February 13, 1969