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CRSGP, TRAC: Resources for research grants

(July 11, 2008)--The UTSA Office of the Vice President for Research will provide up to $110,000 in grants to start innovative, collaborative and multidisciplinary research programs through the Collaborative Research Seed Grant Program (CRSGP).

Additionally, Vice President for Research Robert Gracy announced the Tenure-Track Research Awards Competition (TRAC) for fiscal year 2009-2010. Previously called the Faculty Research Awards, TRAC promotes innovative research and scholarship with up to $110,000 awarded.

For CRSGP grants, the lead principal investigator (PI) must be a UTSA tenured or tenure-track faculty member. Co-PIs must be from outside the department, college, center or institute of the lead PI.

Proposals will be accepted in two categories:

  1. From multiple departments within a college
  2. From multiple UTSA colleges, centers or institutes or a single UTSA organization with collaborators from one or more outside organizations (e.g. Southwest Research Institute, UTHSCSA or industry)

Two awards in each category are anticipated. Maximum awards for category 1 will be $25,000 and maximum awards for category 2 will be $30,000. Funding will be used exclusively for research activities and not for non-research related or administrative costs.

Funding from the program must be spent by the end of the fiscal year in which it is awarded. Remaining funding will be returned. Proposals (original plus 8 copies) are due at 5 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 8 in the Office of the Senior Associate Vice President for Research Development, Multidisciplinary Studies Building Room 4.03.55 or Room 4.03.60, 1604 Campus.

Guidelines and applications


Through TRAC, there will be five $22,000 grants awarded for research in one or a combination of these areas: health, security, energy and the environment, human and social development, and sustainability. The five areas represent disciplines in which UTSA is further developing expertise and activities integral to the university's strategic plan.

TRAC proposals must be received by 5 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 1 at the Office of the Senior Associate Vice President for Research Development, Multidisciplinary Studies Building Room 4.03.55, 1604 Campus. Proposals must include an application, budget, five-page narrative and the curriculum vitae of the principal investigator.

Guidelines and applications


For more information about CRSGP grants and the TRAC program, contact Jim Massaro at (210) 458-6691.