Roadrunner logo
UTSA word mark
Top: Official Roadrunner logo
Bottom: Official UTSA word mark

What's in, what's out: UTSA logos, word marks

By Cindy Brockwell
Special Projects Writer

(Dec. 5, 2008)--Confused about what's in and what's out in identifying UTSA? The new year is the perfect time to let go of old logos.

The new Roadrunner logo (top left) is used primarily by the Office of Intercollegiate Athletics. It is used for athletics-related events and merchandising, and is the official visual representation of UTSA's mascot, Rowdy Roadrunner. But, the Rowdy logo does not replace the official UTSA word mark (bottom left).

Any other rendition of the Roadrunner must be approved by the Office of Intercollegiate Athletics. That office has prepared several acceptable variations of this mascot emblem.

The Roadrunner may be used by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. That office works closely with student organizations. But, even their use is subject to review and approval of the athletics department. Older versions of the Roadrunner are no longer in use.

To request use of the Roadrunner logo or to get an updated logo, contact Jim Sarra or Kyle Stephens in the Office of Intercollegiate Athletics.

What else is out? "Lady Roadrunners" -- "UTSA Roadrunners" is now the official designation for all UTSA athletics teams.

For details on logos, trademarks and word marks, visit the UTSA Identity Guidelines Web site.