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UTSA welcomes UT System, Mexico's National Council of Science and Technology for inaugural planning meeting

UT System institutions and CONACYT centers discussed research collaboration

UT System institutions and CONACYT centers discussed research collaboration during visit to UTSA.

(May 5, 2017) -- Representatives from 14 UT System institutions and 26 National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) research centers in Mexico gathered at UTSA this week to advance discussions about their joint academic and research exchange programs in the sciences, engineering and social sciences. The meeting was hosted by the University of Texas System.

Last year, the UT System and CONACYT formalized an agreement to provide funding for graduate education and research programs for the mutual benefit of students and researchers in the U.S. and Mexico and for the creation of the ConTex office at UTSA. Building on strong historic ties between UTSA and Mexico, ConTex fosters collaboration between the UT System and Mexico through training, research and scientific discovery programs.

UT System Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Randall Charbeneau, one of the organizers of the event and a member of the ConTex advisory committee, says that this week's meeting was another important step for the UT System-CONACYT partnership.

"CONACYT's research centers are among the most important in Mexico, in terms of their impact, productivity and contributions not only to Mexico, but also to international science and scholarship," Charbeneau said.

More than 100 leaders in higher education, science and technology attended the ConTex meeting on May 4 and 5. The occasion marked the first time that CONACYT's research leaders gathered outside of Mexico.

Joining the center directors were Vice Presidents for Research from many of the UT System's 14 institutions, as well as senior scholars in fields as varied as oceanography and coastal ecology, public health, nanotechnology and advanced materials, biomimetics, urban studies and space science.

"The University of Texas System is among CONACYT's most important partners and we expect that this meeting will be the start of some long-term scientific collaborations that will benefit both Mexico and Texas," said Enrique Cabrero Mendoza, Director General of CONACYT.

UTSA has more than 88 formal and active international agreements with instititions and organizations located around the world, including 32 exchange agreements with universities and organizations in Mexico. It is also home to the UTSA Mexico Center, which administers academic, research and outreach partnerships to strengthen relationships between the U.S. and Mexico.


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