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Brand Applications

Brochures, bulletins, posters, newsletters, magazines, websites, video and other forms of communication should create a favorable, long-lasting impression, generating interest and support for the university.

To provide a consistent visual image that every publication is related, it is important that each publication appear as a member of a family, sharing common graphic elements.

  • An approved university signature must be clearly and prominently displayed on the front cover of all university publications.
  • No other logo or icon affiliated with UTSA may appear on the cover of primary publications. Some exceptions to this standard may be allowed for secondary publications targeting limited or internal audiences.

Units of the university that have long-standing graphic identifiers may use such marks only on inside pages or the back cover of printed materials. No secondary logos are allowed on the front cover of publications or in proximity of the UTSA signature. In the case of one-sided printed materials, a secondary logo may be used if necessary, but must be reserved to the lower third of the page.

  • In magazines, the signature or wordmark must also appear in the masthead and on the back cover. When and where appropriate, the words "The University of Texas at San Antonio" are to be used in page folios.
  • The signature and wordmark may be printed over a photograph, texture or other image, provided they remain a prominent visual element.
  • All licensed or promotional products displaying established college or department logos or icons are acceptable providing they are not used in conjunction with the university signature, wordmark or seal.
  • Logos of non-UTSA partner institutions, such as funding or research partners, may be included on covers with the UTSA signature, as long as there is sufficient distance maintained.