The Untold Poems of a Chinese and Puerto Rican Woman

March 30, 2023 | 1:00 - 2:15 PM | Virtual Event

It is not often you hear about a Chinese and Puerto Rican woman that grew up in Northern Colorado. Boricuas (Puertorriqueños/Puerto Ricans) in the diaspora are more populated in New York, Florida, and other states. Kimberly Ming grew up navigating the world through a multiethnic lens as a daughter to parents from Chinese and Puerto Rican heritage in a suburban white town that never felt quite like home.

She says "I learned how to make a home within myself, through writing my poetry. My writing has helped me see that my story is real, even if not to the world outside of me."

In this virtual event, Kimberly shares her collection of work that is vulnerable and raw. It has the potential to help mixed and multicultural people know they are not alone. It also has the power to bridge cultural gaps that many seek to understand in a real and deeper way.

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Kimberly Ming

Kimberly Ming – Storyteller and poet.

Kimberly Ming is a multiethnic, multifaceted, multimedia, storyteller.

She uses the medium of spoken word to tell powerful and heartfelt stories and is the founder of The MixdGen Podcast, inspired by her own experience as a multicultural Chinese and Puerto Rican woman.

Her ability to relate to a multilayered human experience is one of her unique gifts as she helps others bring their story to life.

In 2018 Kimberly was nominated for a Regional Emmy Award for her work as a writer and performer on the #celebratehumanity campaign with 9news. Kimberly's work has reached thousands of people worldwide and her collaborations and spaces of performance include: TEDx, Rocky Mountain PBS, Molina Speaks, History Colorado, MALCS, Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen, Night Market Philadelphia, East Carolina University, Colorado State University, and JLove Calderon.

Kimberly's first audiobook The Untold Poems of a Chinese Puerto Rican Woman will be released in the summer of this year (2023). Follow Kimberly on instagram @kimberly.ming and send her a DM with your name and email to get on her exclusive email update list.