Funded Grants



01/2019-12/2021 PI Xie, Co-PI Mestas (lead PI Hongjie Xie with collaborative institutions Missouri State University and University of George Mason). Elements: Data: HDR: Collaborative Research: Developing an On-Demand Service Module for Mining Geophysical Properties of Sea Ice from High Spatial Resolution. NSF CSSI Program (total funding $597K, UTSA portion $220K).


04/2018-04/2021  Institutional PI Xie (lead PI Court Strong at University of Utah). Impacts of cloud-lead coupling on the surface energy budget of the Arctic sea ice-atmosphere system. NASA Cryosphere Program (#80NSSC18K0843, total funding $471K, UTSA portion $99K).


09/2017-  PI Xie, Co-PIs Ackley, Mestas, Weissling, and Gao, Developing effective algorithms (ICESat-2) for improving observations and forecasting of freeboard, ice thickness, and leads in operational ice charts for southern oceans. NASA ICESat-2 Early Adopter Program (for proof of concept and early data access).

03/2017-03/2020  PI K. Hollands (Germany Aerospace Center) and Co-PIs Xie, etc., Sea ice mapping and coastal polynya monitoring in the Ross Sea, Antarctic, using high resolution TerraSAR-X data. Germany Space Agency (for TSX radar images acquisitions).


10/2015-9/2018  PI Xie and Co-PIs Lambert, Gao and Sharif, Improvement of minority education in Earth science and environmental engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio (IMESE at UTSA). DoEd MSEIP Program ($749,705).

09/2015-08/2016  PI Xie and Co-PIs Gao and Suarez, Reconstruct paleo-lake shorelines and monsoon variability over the Tibetan Plateau since late Pleistocene; UTSA GREAT ($20,000).

06/2015-06/2018  PI Ackley and Co-PIs Xie and Weissling, Collaborative research: Polynyas, ice production and seasonal evolution in the Ross Sea (PIPERS); NSF ($661,351).


02/2014-01/2015  PI Rolando Vega and Co-PIs Xie and others, Intelligent energy systems research program; City Public Service (CPS) Energy ($467,974).


01/2013-12/2017  PI Ackley and Co-PI Weissling, Wave-ice and air-ice-ocean interaction during the Chukchi Sea ice edge advance, Office of Navy Research (ONR) ($276,348).

01/2013-12/2014  PI Xie and Co-PI Tiangang Liang (Lanzhou University, China), Dynamic monitoring and evaluation between grassland ecological environment and snow/ice and lakes on Tibetan Plateau. National Science Foundation of China/Chinese Oversea Collaborative Fund (¥200,000).


09/2012-08/2013  PI Xie and Co-PI Sharif. Snow freeboard and ice thickness distributions and changes over Bellingshausen-Amundsen Sea from IceBridge data. UTSA/CRSGP ($30,000).


09/2011-02/2014  Co-PI Xie and PI Sharif (and other Co-PIs). Climate change communication: engineering, environmental science, and education. NASA ($501,814).

06/2011-05/2014  Institutional PI Xie (Lead PI Zong-liang Yang -UT Austin, Co-PIs Wei Min Hao, Hae-cheol Kim, David Maidment, Paul Montagna, James McClelland, and Hongjie Xie), Developing and applying an integrated multi-scale Earth system modeling framework to study the impacts of changing climate, local weather, and land use and watersheds and downstream coastal ecosystems (#NNX11AE42G). NASA Interdisciplinary Science Program (total $1,655,524, UTSA portion $120,000).


10/2010-09/2013  PI Xie and Co-PIs Lance Lambert and Hatim Sharif. Minority Opportunities for Research Experience in Earth Science and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio (MORESE at UTSA) (#P120A100092). U.S. Department of Education MSEIP Program ($561,434).

08/2010-07/2011  PI Xie and Co-PI Sharif (In collaborating with Austin/San Antonio NWS Office, PI J.W. Zeitler). Vertically pointing radar reflectivity and rainfall measurements at different heights and comparison with a tipping bucket rain gauge and WSR-88D Level II reflectivity. NOAA UCAR/COMET program ($11,934).

03/2010-12/2011  PI Ackley and Co-PIs Hongjie Xie and Carmen Fies. NASA supplement for education: primary grant NASA NNX08AQ87G, Polar and planetary sciences modules for k-12 teachers. NASA ($30,000).

01/2010-12/2011  PI Ackley and Co-PIs Hongjie Xie and Brent Nowak. Collaborative research: the sea ice system in Antarctic summer, Oden southern ocean expeditions. NSF Antarctic Sciences Division/Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (AOAS) ($340,718).


09/2009-09/2011  Institutional PI Xie (Lead PI Alex Sun at Southwest Research Institute, Co-PIs: Ron Green, Olufemi Osidele, and Hongjie Xie), A collaborative geospatial decision support system for managing coastal river basins. NASA Applied Sciences Program (total $247,439, UTSA portion $24,153).


11/2008-08/2009  PI Xie, Remote sensing urban heat-island phenomenon in four Texas cities: Houston, Dallas-Ft Worth, San Antonio, and El Paso. UTSA 2008/2009 Tenure-Track Research Award Competition ($22,000).

08/2008-07/2009  PI Xie (In collaborating with Austin/San Antonio NWS Office, PI J.W. Zeitler), Better understanding NEXRDA Level II reflectivity using a network of four double-gauge platforms in a single radar cell. NOAA UCAR/COMET program ($10,424).

06/2008-06/2011  PI Ackley and Co-PIs H. Xie, T. Marcus (NASA/GSFC), and T. Worby (Australia). Collaborators J. Zwally, D. Yi and S. Laxon. Antarctic sea ice thickness from space: validating estimates from the laser and radar satellite altimeters with ship-based measurements. NASA Cryosphere Program (#NNX08AQ87G) (total $585,964, with $533,263 for UTSA and $52,701 for NASA/GSFC).

04/2008-05/2009  Co-PI Ackley (PI Nowak), Robotic exploration of the geophysical and microbial environments at the ice sea water interface of arctic and Antarctic sea ice. UTSA 2008/2009 Collaborative Research Seed Grant Program ($30,000).


09/2007-08/2009  PI Xie, Martian surface compositions and H2O/CO2 circulation investigations using OMEGA and THEMIS data. NASA/Texas Space Grant Consortium New Investigations Program (TSGC NIP) ($10,000, plus $10,000 match fund from UTSA).

07/2007-12/2007  PI Xie, Developing an algorithm for automatically producing multi-day MODIS Terra and Aqua snow cover composite for its better utilities, USGS/TexasView Remote Sensing Consortium Research Award ($3,000).

05/2007-05/2010  Institutional PI Xie (Lead PI Zong-liang Yang -UT Austin, Co-PIs David Maidment, Paul Montagna, James McClelland, Guo-yue Niu, and Hongjie Xie), Using satellite data and fully coupled regional hydrologic, ecological and atmospheric models to study complex coastal environmental processes. NASA Interdisciplinary Science Program (#NNX07AL79G) (total $1,236,979, UTSA portion $120,000). [details]

01/2007-12/2009  Collaborator Xie (PI Sonia Alconini - UTSA Department of Anthropology), Imperial marginality and frontier: Kallawayas and Chunchos in the eastern Inka borders. NSF ($154,269).


09/2006-08/2010  PI Ackley and Co-PI Xie, Sea Ice Mass Balance in the Antarctic - SIMBA Drift Station. NSF Polar Program ($533,000).
A supplemental fund (to the SIMBA project) was awarded for participating the ODEN expedition in December 2006 and data processing and analysis. NSF Polar Program and IPY Program ($61,980).

09/2006-08/2008  PI Sharif and Co-PI Xie, Enhanced short-term hydrometeorological forecasting. NOAA MSI program ($99,856).

08/2006-02/2008  PI Xie (In collaboration with Austin/San Antonio NWS Office, PI J.W. Zeitler), Validating DSP precipitation product using 50 GBRA rain gauge rainfall. NOAA UCAR/COMET program ($9,906).

04/2006-09/2006  PI Xie, Validation of remotely sensed precipitation using rain gauge data in the Texas Hill Country. USGS/TexasView Remote Sensing Consortium Research Award ($5,000).

01/2006-07/2006  PI Xie, NEXRAD radar rainfall downscaling. A subcontract from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (funded by the New Mexico WRRI) ($10,000).


10/2005-09/2008  PI Xie, Minority Opportunities for Research Experience in Earth Science at the University of Texas at San Antonio (MORE Science at UTSA). U.S. Department of Education ($281,653). [details]

09/2005-08/2006  Blake Weissling (a PhD student under Xie's supervision) for project titled early detection of oak wilt using hyperspectal technology and awarded a graduate research fellow by NASA/Texas Space Grant Consortium ($5,000).

06/2005-12/2005  PI Xie, Establishing a spectral library of oak wilt for early detection using hyperspectral remote sensing approach. USGS/TexasView Remote Sensing Consortium Research Award 2005 ($5,000).

01/2005-07/2005  PI Xie, Mars remote sensing for determining Martian evolution of the surface and interior. UTSA Faculty Research Award ($5,000).