BIS Telecommuting Pilot Group 


President Eighmy has approved for the Business Affairs Division to pilot Telecommuting program at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Business Information Services will serve as one of the first pilot groups for the telecommuting program.

Our office (NPB 5.122) will be vacated by mid-October 2018 and the SPOC HELP DESK will remain and have temporary cubicles located within the Payroll Office (NPB 4.1701) until the full transition is implemented by Summer 2019. All BIS staff will continue to support the campus community with the same customer service we provide today. 

In preparation for this transition BIS will no longer be able to receive the UTShare Departmental User Access Form via fax or in person. Read about the technology update in the BIS SPOTLIGHT “Special Edition”.

 You may still reach us via the following avenues:

Thank you for your support during this transition.








The UTShare Departmental User Access form is available for PeopleSoft security access and updates. 

Updated: 9/2018