PeopleTools 8.59 Enhancements

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Important Note 


“MyLinks” is a portal feature in Classic user interface and it is being replaced by “Favorites” in fluid user interface. Oracle will no longer support the Classic version after August 26, 2022.

Anyone who has a saved a PeopleSoft navigation page under “My Links” you will need to transition those pages to “Favorites” for use as a quick navigation. See below for instructions on how to make the update. 

Select NavBar, MyLinks



1. Click on a link that need to be added to Favorites



2. Select Actions menu and click on “Add To Favorite”


 3. Repeat Step 2-3 for each link that needs to be added to Favorites.


If you need further assistance please create a ServiceNow ticket or call 210-458-7762. 

PeopleTools 8.59 Enhancements - User Interface Launches May 16, 2022

Oracle has released PeopleTools 8.59, which provides updates to the user interface you see when logging in to PeopleSoft.  The updates, highlighted below, provide an explanation of the changes that each user will see as you log in the system.   

Take a moment to review, familiarize yourself with the changes and customize any features you wish to update on your current profile. 

Overview of Homepage Enhancements

  1. Global Search Bar now in center of bar
    • Defaults to menu narrows search as you type
  2. Access to your favorites (heart) and most recently visited (clock) is on the right side
  3. Notifications have been expanded on the left
    • Unread items are highlighted
    • Notification panel can be hidden under Personalize Homepage.
  4. Can navigate to other landing pages using drop down to the left.
  5. Page numbers to the right side under bar advances to the same landing pages as drop down option on left.  

Global Search


Enhanced Menu and Content Search

  1. Global Search - Menu is default but you can search by other content as well by clicking on drop down arrow or use global search by typing in the search field.


 Global Search 2


     2. One click on each bar allows a navigation to that page.


 Global Search 2


Quick Access Bar

  1. Quick access Bar is displayed on desktops, laptop – if pixel width is 680 or greater bar is displayed on the left of the page – otherwise it displays at the bottom of the screen.
    1. Favorites denoted by heart icon and Most Recent by clock icon
    2. Most Recent displays the last 10 pages recently visited.


Quick Access


2. Favorites can be edited by clicking on the quick access bar – you can reorder, rename or remove favorites here or by using the Navigation bar.  Once saved, click on the Home icon to close the edit and return to your homepage.


Edit Favorites


Edit Favorites 2


Notifications Panel

  1. Notification panel is now displayed on the right hand side of the home page.
  • Unread actions or alerts will be highlighted.  You can tap specific notification (action/alert) to open it  and to act on or read more information about it.

 Notifications Panel


  • To View All Notifications or make changes to Settings you can be click settings link on the notifications menu




NavBar and Menu

  1. Several enhancements to NavBar makes navigation easier to include the new icons:1) Recently Visited  (2) Favorites (3) and Menu items

Nav bar and Menu


2. Menu items (#1) are displayed in alphabetical order by default – a personalization can be made to change this. New display to differentiate menu folders from menu items.  A menu folder means there is additional links to an item that is under that folder (i.e. Self-Service folder contains items to Time Sheets, Personal Information, etc.)

Nav Bar and Menu 2


3.Once you drill down in a folder – you will see breadcrumbs that will allow you to select and move back up into different levels of the hierarchy drill down.


Nav Bar and Menu 3


Important Note - Future Update

“My Links” – Listed under the NavBar, may contain saved navigation pages from an older PeopleTools version that will no longer be supported by Oracle after August 26, 2022, so resaving your information under “Favorites” now will prevent loss of navigation in the future.


My Links


Anyone who has a saved a PeopleSoft navigation page under “My Links” you will need to transition those pages to “Favorites” for use as a quick navigation in the future.  If there are any stored pages listed, you will need to click on each saved “My Link” to display the page and then click the ellipses at the top of the page.



Click on Add to Favorites to save each page under “Favorites”.


Ellipses 2