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Biomedical research is the basic research, applied research, or translational research conducted to aid the body of knowledge in the field of medicine. The increased longevity of humans over the past century can be significantly attributed to advances resulting from medical research. Among the major benefits have been vaccines for measles and polio, insulin treatment for diabetes, classes of antibiotics for treating a host of maladies and medication for high blood pressure.

The biomedical research being conducted at UTSA is composed of research in the area of virology, bioinformatics, cognitive neuroscience, chemical carcinogenesis, oxidation, cognitive psychology and Copolymerization kinetics, just to name a few.

UTSA supports the following activities through SCORE:

Office Administration such as faculty appointment, purchasing, travel arrangements, evaluation, reports to sponsors, etc.

Evaluation of faculty development

Accounting and grant management

NIH supports the following activities through SCORE:

Provides funds to purchase supplies/equipment for research.

Provides funds for faculty/staff salary for research.

Provides funds for other research related activities (meetings, seminars, etc.).


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Meeting Announcement
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Preliminary Information
Student Training Table

committee list

Advisory Committee
Project Review Committee

policy statement

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frequently asked questions

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