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Test Accommodations in SDS (Adaptive Test Center)

Test accommodations are provided to eligible students on a case-by-case basis determined by documented need and may include, but is not limited to:
(Note: Test accommodations may be provided by the course instructor, his/her designee, or SDS).

  • Reduced Distraction Environment for exams

  • Large print or CCTV

  • Extended testing time (Note: SDS determines the amount of extended time based on objective, documented evaluation from a qualified clinician as well as by the nature and severity of the student's disability and the requirements of the exam/s).

  • Test Reader

  • Test Scribe

  • Use of computer for essay exams

Procedures for using the Adaptive Test Center in Student Disability Services:

  1. Exams must be scheduled (by submitting a Request for Test Administration Form) in Student Disability Services at least 5 business days prior to the test date. (Any exam not scheduled 5 business days in advance may result in you having to take your test with the instructor or a need to reschedule with your instructor for another date/time). Note: Final exams must be scheduled 3 weeks in advance.

  2. Exams should be scheduled at the same time the class is scheduled to take the exam. Any variation in time will require professor's approval.

  3. Student must be able to provide the course name, course number and section as well as the instructor's name, date and time of the test, and the type of accommodation needed.

  4. It is the student's responsibility to remind the instructor that he or she is taking the exam in SDS and that the instructor needs to bring the exam to Student Disability Services in MS 3.01.16 (main) or BV 1.302 (downtown).

  5. Students must arrive promptly at the SDS office at the time the test is scheduled. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, SDS/student must obtain permission from the faculty in order to administer the test and the time will be deducted from the extended test time. An exception will be made in case of illness, emergencies or delays resulting from problems with VIA Trans.

  6. Bring a pen, pencil, scantron, blue book, calculator, and/or whatever other materials are needed to complete the test.

  7. SDS will provide a proctor for exams. The proctor will administer the exam according to directions provided by the instructor and ensure that appropriate accommodations are provided. The use of books and/or notes during exams is generally not considered a reasonable accommodation for a disability. Students must have permission from the instructor to use books and/or notes during tests administered by SDS.

  8. If SDS does not receive a proctor checklist or written instructions from the instructor approving the use of books, notes, or any other auxiliary materials or instruments during an exam, SDS will assume the use of additional materials is not permitted.

  9. If the student does not show for the exam, then the exam will be returned to the instructor the following day.

  10. Students who must cancel or postpone a test are responsible for contacting the instructor and notifying SDS to reschedule.

  11. If a student misses two scheduled testing reservations without notifying SDS during any one semester, he/she must meet with the Coordinator of Testing Services before they will be allowed to schedule any further tests with SDS.

  12. Students who are registered with Student Disability Services and who have delivered their accommodation letter/s to their instructor/s must be provided with those accommodations as outlined in their accommodation letter. Instructors can choose to provide the student with approved accommodations directly or by a designee in a location that fulfills the accommodated testing environment in which the student has been approved. It is within the Instructor's purview to determine and arrange to provide students with their approved disability accommodations directly.