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Standing Committees

Chemical Safety Committee (CSC)

The charge of this committee is to serve in an advisory and consultative capacity to the President of UTSA and the Vice President of Research, and to advise the Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management Office and Research community in matters pertaining to the safe receipt, use, storage, and disposal of hazardous chemicals and toxins of non-biologic origin at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). Scope would include research and teaching laboratories, and all areas where hazardous chemicals are used or stored on UTSA owned or leased property. The committee is charged to review the impact of safety standards involving chemicals prior to their promulgation and execution; review plans for chemical safety programs (those required and/or those not required by law or by granting/contracting agency) in order to determine their applicability to the research/training function of UTSA; review and approve procedures and research protocols relative to the safe receipt, use, storage, and disposal of hazardous chemicals and toxins; review and advise on engineering controls and personal protective equipment relative to chemical & toxic hazards; and finally to serve as an avenue of appeal in cases of dispute and exception. The Committee may review results from EHSRM’s laboratory evaluation program or Compliance/Internal Audit functions in determining overall institutional safety compliance. The Committee normally meets at least four times a year. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.

Structure: 15 members

Three faculty representatives from the Chemistry Department

Two faculty (alternates) representatives from the Biomedical Engineering Department
Two faculty representatives from the Biology Department
One faculty representative from the Geological Sciences Department
One non-faculty Chemical Hygiene Officer from EHSRM (ex officio)
One faculty representative from the Physics and Astronomy Department
Director, Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM) (ex officio)
Senior Research Compliance Coordinator(ex officio)
Two EHSRM Safety Specialists (Alternate for CHO with vote)(ex officio)
Laboratory Compliance Manager(ex officio)



Stephan Bach, Chair Chemistry
Zachary Tonzetich Chemistry
Oleg Larionov Chemistry
Mark Appleford Alternate - Biomedical Engineering
Christopher Rathbone Alternate - Biomedical Engineering
Robert Renthal Biology
James Chambers Biology
Marina Suarez Geological Sciences
Wendy McCoy Chemical Hygiene Officer from EHSRM, Ex Officio
Robert Whetten Physics and Astronomy
Brain Moroney Director, EHSRM, Ex Officio
Yolanda Acosta Senior Research Compliance Coordinator, Ex Officio
Quy Fung EHSRM Safety Specialist, Ex Officio
Rusty Fletcher McLin EHSRM Safety Specialist I, Ex Officio
Amanda Haley Laboratory Compliance Manager, Ex Officio
Last updated 2/24/2017