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Volunteer Organization Involving Community, Education and Service



VOICES is a sponsored student organization at UTSA through the Student Center for Community Engagement and Inclusion. We are an open organization and all students are invited to join us for meetings, come by the office, or volunteer with us. For more information on becoming a member, visit the Membership page.


VOICES Event Calendar





Mission Statement

VOICES shall be both a clearinghouse and a service organization for students, faculty and staff interested in volunteer projects and programs. As a clearinghouse, VOICES shall provide the UTSA community access to information on non-profit agencies within the San Antonio area that provide volunteer opportunities. As a service organization, VOICES shall plan and implement programs and projects throughout the school year that introduce the UTSA community to a variety of meaningful volunteer experiences. Membership is not required to participate in programs or projects sponsored by VOICES.

"March with VOICES towards a better future through effective community education and service."

Organization Name

VOICES stands for Volunteer Organization Involving Community Education & Service.


VOICES was founded by four students who attended the COOL Conference at the University of Illinois in 1993. The theme of the conference was "Listen to the Voices, Make the Connections!" Tom Brown, Manny Longoria, Rosa Mina, and Carl Muniz created VOICES in 1993.

Four Principles

  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Teamwork

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To become an official member of VOICES, you must complete a combination of 25 hours of service or VOICES points (they both carry over each semester). At the time of completing the 25 hours of service or points you will be invited to attend our Induction Ceremony (at the end of each fall & spring semester), where you will receive a VOICES membership certificate and VOICES polo!! Attending off campus volunteer projects contribute to your total sum of hours while attending campus programs and meetings give you the opportunity to earn VOICES points . The VP of Membership tracks this information. Membership and incentives are given at no cost to you.

VOICES is a Sponsored Student Organization and there are NO membership fees!! Interested in becoming a member? Contact us at

Meet the Officers

  • E'Mon Carson:
    E'Mon Carson
  • Gabriella Gonzalez:
    Vice President of Membership
    Gabriella Gonzalez
  • Aubrey Hanus:
    Vice President of Projects
    Aubrey Hanus
  • Karisa Roher:
    Vice President of Special Projects
    Karisa Roher
  • Ajia Terry:
    Social Media Coordinator
    Ajia Terry
  • Luis Arias:
    Fundraising Coordinator
    Luis Arias
  • Joelle Thomas:
    Public Relations Coordinator
    Joelle Thomas
  • David Nweke:
    David Nweke
  • Jayla Houston:
    Social Coordinator
    Jayla Houston
  • Obiamaka Adeduntan:
    Administrative Correspondent
    Obiamaka Adeduntan
  • Alexander Rocha II:
    Assistant -Vice President of Projects
    Alexander Rocha III
  • Clara Akwarandu:
    Assistant- Vice President of Special Projects
    Clara Akwarandu

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VOICES Officers