MBRS-RISE Evaluation


To better our program and to fulfill the obligations of our grant, the UTSA MBRS-RISE program evaluates all of our program components on a continual basis. We thank our mentor and student participants for their cooperation in assisting us by cooperating with our evaluation efforts. We are in the process of streamlining our evaluation procedures and placing them online for your convenience.

We are very fortunate to have an on-site evaluator, Ms. Danielle Gordon, who carries out the day-to-day evaluation activities. Her responsibilities include:

  • Creating evaluation plans for program grants
  • Creating and revising evaluation tools (mostly surveys) for the whole program and for individual activities
  • Obtaining a baseline of student performance on program entry
  • Tracking student progress and GPAs
  • Obtaining ongoing feedback from students and mentors
  • Reporting on activity and program success and required improvements
  • Assisting with writing annual progress reports
  • Obtaining Human Subjects approval
  • Tracking activities of alumni
  • Surveying alumni to determine required program improvements
  • Assist with publishing data from successful interventions

We also have an external evaluator, Dr. Rick McGee, who visits and performs anonymous focus groups and reports how we are doing and provides recommended suggestions.