Policies and Etiquette

The UTSA Office of Information Technology Student Computing Services (SCS) Labs are available to all UTSA students on a first-come, first-served basis during posted hours of operation. SCS labs are located in the Business Building, JPL Library and DT Library.  Access to lab workstations are by a student’s myUTSAid and passphrase.  Students (see any UTSA Bulletin/Catalog for mandatory ID information), may be asked to show their my UTSA id card.  More information can be found at www.utsa.edu/oit.

  • To ensure that all students have equal access to the SCS lab workstation equipment, any PC or Mac left unattended for 10 minutes will be automatically reset.
  • Any books, notebooks, or other materials will be collected and turned in to the Tri-Campus Police Department's Lost and Found.
  • Customers may occupy only one computer or terminal at a time.
  • Please be considerate of others and return the computer systems to the login welcome screen so the system is ready for the next customer.
  • Do not make any changes to configurations, such as screen colors, sizes, or positions. Customizing the computer system and desktop is not authorized.
  • The installation of any software application by UTSA customers is prohibited. 
  • Do not unplug the power or data cable from the workstation.
  • No food is permitted in the Business Building Student Computing Services workstation area, however is permitted in the front lobby section of the lab. Drinks in spill proof/resistant containers are permitted.

Please reference the JPL Library web site for the JPL Information Commons and Downtown Campus Library policies for Food and Drink. Be courteous to others working in the facility and try not to disturb them by working loudly when in groups. Keep personal stereos, laptops, and music players with headphones turned down low.


Etiquette & Policies

  • Please, cooperate if asked to show Identification to ensure only authorized use of your facility.
  • Cellular phones should be turned down as low as possible. As a courtesy to our customers, persons talking too loud will be asked to use their cell phones outside of the lab.
  • Someone else will use the system after you; please leave the PC and workspace the way you would like to find it.  Do remember your personal items when leaving your work area.
  • When completing your work, please close the program(s) you are using and logoff properly.
  • If you encounter a problem with the computer, report it to the SCS Lab Staff immediately!
  • Observe the food/drink policies. Food bits damage the computers, especially monitors, keyboards, and mice. Spilled liquids can destroy electronic equipment while posing an increased hazard from electrical shock. Please follow the policies of each facility.


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