Video Production

The Video Production Group from the Office of Information Technology supports the University of Texas at San Antonio with high quality, HD and 4K video production.

Our mission, which is aligned with the mission of OIT and UTSA, is to provide support that enables student and faculty success in the classroom and beyond, and that documents and promotes advances in research at the university.

When requesting our services please describe how your video or digital film project supports one or more of the six priorities as described in the UTSA 2020 Blueprint.

Click here to review 6 priorities of 2020 Blueprint.

If you feel your project doesn’t clearly support one of the 6 priorities as stated above, and would still like to request our services, then please describe how your project benefits UTSA in other ways. Requests of this type will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Click here to request video production services.

*Please note a charge for our services may apply in this scenario.

Video Production Group support and services are available Monday thru Friday during normal business hours on the UTSA Main Campus and in certain cases at the Downtown Campus. If support or services are needed outside of the above stated scope, a charge will apply.

We look forward to collaborating with you on using the innovative medium of digital video to support your next project.

Click here to request video production services.

The following are examples of the products the VPG can help you produce:

● 30sec to 60sec. promotional video spots

● Video testimonials, interviews and profiles

● 3-4 minute video information segments.

● Video segments for online and hybrid course modules.

● Long form documentary or narrative digital films. * Consultation required.


Other services offered by VPG *Subject to staff availability and schedule.

● Video recording of UTSA Special Events.

● Webcasting of UTSA Special Events.


Click here to see examples of our work.


*The services and personnel of the Video Production Group, a department of the Office of Information Technology, are funded by the Automated Services Fee which are paid by the students of the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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